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The Top 10 Stories of May 7, 2012

Quote of the day.
“This project is encouraging nutrition and sustainability, community building and engagement in the larger food justice movement. I’ve seen it all along as another doorway to the work we do here.” Pastor Alan Sherouse of Metro Baptist Church in midtown Manhattan on the church’s rooftop neighborhood garden.
(Associated Baptist Press)

1. GOP plan boosts Pentagon, cuts social programs.
The Republicans who control the House are using cuts to food aid, health care and social services like Meals on Wheels to protect the Pentagon from a wave of budget cuts come January.
(Associated Press)

2. A scramble as Biden backs same-sex marriage.
Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. said on Sunday that he was “absolutely comfortable” with same-sex marriages and was heartened by their growing acceptance across the country, a position that moves well beyond the “evolving” views that President Obama has said he holds on the issue.
(New York Times)

3. 9/11 defense attorneys denounce Guantanamo court system.
The five men accused of plotting the Sept. 11 attacks used their weekend war court appearances to stage “peaceful resistance to an unjust system” being used for political reasons, defense lawyers said Sunday.
(Miami Herald/McClatchy Newspapers)

4. Greek, French voters reject German-led austerity.
Greece's parliamentary vote, combined with the victory of Socialist Francois Hollande in the French presidential election, will raise pressure on Europe's paymaster Germany to pursue a more growth-oriented approach to the European debt crisis.

5. Afghan government slams Taliban spring offensive.
The Afghan government on Monday condemned the recent Taliban announcement of the start of their annual "spring offensive," calling it cowardly and un-Islamic and saying the country's forces would thwart any attacks.
(Associated Press)

6. U.S. drone strike kills 8 in Pakistan.
An American drone fired a volley of missiles into a house close to the Afghan border on Saturday, killing eight suspected militants and indicating U.S. resolve to continue with the attacks despite renewed Pakistani opposition, officials said.
(AP/Chicago Sun-Times)

7. Al-Qaida surprise attack kills 20 Yemeni soldiers.
Al-Qaida militants staged a surprise attack Monday on a Yemeni army base in the south, killing 20 soldiers and capturing 25 just hours after a U.S. drone strike killed a senior figure in the terror network wanted in connection with the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen.
(Associated Press)

8. Candidates in Egypt work to mollify the military.
Two weeks before Egypt’s presidential election begins, the leading candidates are adopting a deferential tone toward the current military rulers even as the generals make clear that they expect to maintain much of their autonomy and influence after their pledged handover of power.
(New York Times)

9. Russia's Putin back as president.
Vladimir Putin is officially sworn in as president of Russia after four years as prime minister, following a controversial poll in March.

10. Ethiopia: too many deaths in childbirth.
In Ethiopia, a lack of awareness of the importance of skilled hospital deliveries, cultural beliefs and transport challenges in rural areas are causing a high number of deaths during childbirth, say officials. Only 10% of deliveries take place within health facilities.

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