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The Top 10 Stories of July 26, 2012

Quote of the day.
“One drop of rain doesn't make a difference at all, but a million drops of rain turns a desert into a garden. I can't do a lot, you can't do a lot, but together, we can do a lot.” - Pastor Rick Warren addresses a gathering of faith leaders during the International AIDS Conference.
(The Christian Post)

1. Conservative Christians working on HIV/AIDS see burden of sexual liberalism.
The challenges of melding HIV/AIDS – a disease that forces uncomfortable, frank talk about sex—and conservative Christianity was on full display Wednesday at a conference about faith groups’ work in fighting the epidemic.
(The Washington Post)

2. Senate passes cuts for all but richest Americans.
The Senate has debated, sniped and voted on the politically fraught issue of tax cuts, and next week it'll be the House's turn. Still, Americans won't know until after the November elections how much more of their paychecks will go to the government next year.
(The Associated Press)

3. USDA says drought will push up food prices in 2013.
The drought gripping more than half the country is a major reason why consumers can expect to pay 3 percent to 4 percent more for groceries next year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Wednesday.
(The Associated Press)

4. Weather extremes leave parts of U.S. grid buckling.
From highways in Texas to nuclear power plants in Illinois, the concrete, steel and sophisticated engineering that undergird the nation’s infrastructure are being taxed to worrisome degrees by heat, drought and vicious storms.
(The New York Times)

5. Nebraska wildfires rage as dry heat scorches central U.S.
Firefighters in three Nebraska counties battled expanding wildfires on Wednesday and an Arkansas town of 1,300 people was evacuated because of an approaching fire, as the central part of the United States suffered through another day of stifling heat.

6. Pennsylvania voter ID case opens in state court.
The first round of the 2012 presidential campaign is being waged in courtrooms nationwide, and one of the most important battles got underway Wednesday in the swing state of Pennsylvania, where challengers told a judge that a new voter-identification law violates the commonwealth’s constitution.
(The Washington Post)

7. Marine general expects 'rolling transition' in Afghanistan.
The surge of U.S. Marines and other forces in southwestern Afghanistan has broken the Taliban's grip on a former stronghold, allowing coalition forces to begin turning over security to Afghans, commanders said.
(USA Today)

8. Syrian military bombards rebel strongholds.
Activists say Syrian forces are shelling several neighbourhoods in Aleppo as the battle for control of Syria's largest city rages into its sixth day.

9. North Korean women's team stage walk out in row over flag mix up.
North Korea's women's team walked off the pitch prior to their Olympic football clash with Colombia after the flag of archrival South Korea was mistakenly shown on Hampden Park's big screen.

10. Sudan's Darfur region sees fresh clashes.
There has been renewed fighting between the Sudanese government and rebels from the Darfur region's Justice and Equality Movement (JEM).

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