The Top 10 Stories of January 27, 2012

By Duane Shank 1-27-2012

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Quote of the day.
"Who do we speak for? Are we willing to speak for the neighbour and for the stranger, for people like us and also people who are not like us? Are we willing to take risks alongside one another?” - Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, in a message for Holocaust Memorial Day.
(Christian Today)

1.  Pentagon budget set to shrink next year.
"The Pentagon budget will shrink slightly next year for the first time since 1998, the Obama administration said Thurs­day, in an attempt to chip away at the federal deficit while reorienting the armed forces toward Asia."
(Washington Post)

2. Romney edges Gingrich in GOP’s last Florida debate.
"The final debate in Florida for Republican presidential candidates found Mitt Romney sparring with Newt Gingrich as Ron Paul and Rick Santorum played the roles of foils."
(Miami Herald)

3. Number of older inmates grows.
"The number of Americans in prison older than 55 is growing at a faster rate than the group’s share of the population at large, and many prisons are unprepared to provide them with health care, which can cost as much as nine times more than for younger inmates."
(New York Times)

4. American NGO workers prevented from leaving Egypt.
"Tension between the US government and the Egyptian military authorities has reached a new peak after it emerged that several American non-governmental workers, including the son of a member of President Obama''s administration, are being prevented from leaving the country in an ongoing spat over Egypt''s recent parliamentary elections."

5. Manila negotiates broader military ties with U.S.
"Foreign affairs and defense officials from the Philippines are visiting Washington for preliminary talks, and in Manila last week, leaders told a visiting American Senate delegation that the government would welcome closer military ties."
(New York Times)

6. Syria violence kills 37, U.N. Security Council to meet.
"Security forces killed 37 people in Syria on Friday, activists and residents said, as people in Homs mourned 14 members of a family they said were slain by militiamen in one of the worst sectarian attacks in a revolt against President Bashar al-Assad."

7. Aid group halts work in Libya over torture.
"Aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) has halted its work in detention centres in a Libyan city because it said its medical staff were being asked to patch up detainees mid-way through torture sessions so they could go back for more abuse."
(Al Jazeera)

8. Israel senses bluffing in Iran''s threats of retaliation.
"Israeli intelligence estimates, backed by academic studies, have cast doubt on the widespread assumption that a military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities would set off a catastrophic set of events like a regional conflagration, widespread acts of terrorism and sky-high oil prices."
(New York Times)

9. Guatemala human rights groups welcome genocide trial.
"Human rights groups celebrated on Friday after a court in Guatemala ruled that the former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt, who presided over one of Latin America''s bloodiest civil wars, will face trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity."

10. In China, human costs built into an iPad.
"The workers assembling iPhones, iPads and other devices often labor in harsh conditions, according to employees inside those plants, worker advocates and documents published by companies themselves. Problems are as varied as onerous work environments and serious — sometimes deadly — safety problems."
(New York Times)

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