How To Help Your Child Launch Rockets

It has long been a fascination of mine to examine life situations of others when they feel trapped. When I say trapped, I mean that there is a feeling of helplessness; a person knows deep inside that they were intended for much more in this world, and there is a vast potential ready to be put into action at some point! At the same time, there is a perceived barrier that prevents this potential from being realized and shared with the world, and powerful enough to bury it for decades to come, and too often, forever. Truly, one of the greatest tragedies that has ever occurred in our world is the knowledge that countless people have lived their lives and passed on, without ever being able to fully share their gifts with those around them....

In 2014, we have an opportunity to raise our children with a sense of wonder, encouragement, and fulfillment that works for our times. No longer do we have to strongly encourage them to think along the lines of working for a good company, or being ready to have few ambitions beyond being a housekeeper. An interview I heard this week with a human rights advocate named Jim Wallis (@jimwallis) suggested that at one time, there was an unwritten "social charter" that ensured while most working families would never get rich or have a great deal of disposable income, there was always enough. If that is no longer the case, then our children will benefit from our encouragement to dream and think BIG, which requires developing a healthy, dependable connection with them based in love.