In the middle of a segregated city, our church seemed a model multicultural gathering. Our small group meetings were diverse. Our pastoral staff was diverse. The music performed on Sunday morning had no particular allegiance to a specific genre. It was the utopia that many pastors desire in the contemporary preoccupation with diversity. However, July 13, 2013, created a pivotal change at my church.



Lessons from the Saints

Like a book’s acknowledgments page, telling the stories of the saints reminds us that we didn’t get here on our own. Since the beginning of the church, there have been empires to be resisted, riches to be given away, and dishes to be washed. Not so different than today. So follow along as we chronicle the lives of some of the saints who inspire us. We hope you’re inspired, too.

Jim's Latest

The only answer to the racial divide among Christians is to go much deeper into what racial equity and healing will require.