On February 24, 1957, the KKK held a 150-person rally in Americus, Ga, drawing men and women from around the region. Following the rally, they assembled a 70-80 car motorcade and drove 10 miles down the highway to a Christian community called Koinonia Farm. They came to ask the community to move out of town, offering that the Klan would see to it that they received full value for their property and equipment. The community refused. For years, the racial tension in the small Southwest Georgia town had been escalating. Koinonia Farm began in 1942, and lived in relative peace for many years.



Lessons from the Saints

Like a book’s acknowledgments page, telling the stories of the saints reminds us that we didn’t get here on our own. Since the beginning of the church, there have been empires to be resisted, riches to be given away, and dishes to be washed. Not so different than today. So follow along as we chronicle the lives of some of the saints who inspire us. We hope you’re inspired, too.

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