The Common Good

The Uncommon Tour Testimonials


“I have been trying to wrestle with where a Christian should stand in regard to politics for years prior to now. I have never voted nor had I ever planned to. Since Miss Harper’s visit, I am strongly reconsidering. In chapel, she awoke my senses to the beauty and amazement of the gospel. She spoke it with such fresh words and insight. She opened her mouth, and the Spirit of God poured out onto this dry and thirsty heart of mine. I felt as if I was once again alive to God's call for justice in this world.”

-JaLise Haney, student at Anderson University (Anderson, IN)

“Lisa has a way of speaking about controversial and potentially divisive topics—like race, government, poverty, money—in a way that is disarming and is well received by a variety of people with a variety of viewpoints. This is so helpful in trying to create a space on campus where we can have these conversations and everyone leaves feeling respected, challenged, and enriched!”

-Stuart Erny, Director of Campus Ministries at Anderson University (Anderson, IN)

“Using biblical narratives as a framework for real-world application, the Faith in Action Training challenged our students to consider the strengths of the church in tackling injustice. The training put the complexities of justice in perspective within our own context. Identifying the core issues behind the symptoms helped us see the situation differently and engage injustice with the tools of our faith.”

-Keith Jones Pomeroy, Program Manager, Agape Center Messiah College (Mechanicsburg, PA)

“Quite simply, Lisa's presentation changed my life. Now I actively and consciously look to identify core lies that exist about groups of people. I no longer am able to tolerate derogatory ethnic jokes or diatribes against ethnic groups by individuals in politics. Most importantly, I no longer believe the core lies of our society. Sometimes I can’t provide biblical truths to counteract the lies, but I have begun to study the Bible in search of those truths. I am asking God for strength to walk in the direction of truth. Lisa's presentation was transformational!”

-Marlene Chrisman, First Presbyterian Church of the Covenant (Erie, PA)