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QUIRK: First Person Jesus, OMG!
Originally Posted: 05/15/2012 - 3:03pm | Type: Blog

Today, Lightside Games debuts a new video game they’re calling “the first-ever video game based on Jesus.” Journey of Jesus: The Call is available now through Facebook, and is an opportunity for people to take ...

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: April 23, 2012
Originally Posted: 04/23/2012 - 3:48pm | Type: Blog

Look out David Attenborough, there’s a fleet of adorable children after your job as narrator of the BBC’s Planet Earth . Take a listen to their narration, sound effects, and attempts to pronounce David’s last name. [ Bing Boing ]     ...

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: March 27, 2012
Originally Posted: 03/27/2012 - 4:00pm | Type: Blog

The Seattle Space Needle is transformed into an Angry Birds slingshot, horror characters imagined in their old age, mashups of classic art with pop culture figures, Facebook's new headquarters and QR code ...

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: March 21, 2012
Originally Posted: 03/21/2012 - 3:12pm | Type: Blog

James "Sugar Boots" Franklin is remembered for bringing boombox roller-skating to Congress. Time names 140 Best Twitter Feeds. LEGOS initiate simple design. More notable Banksy street art found. Vide ...

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness
Originally Posted: 10/18/2011 - 4:30pm | Type: Blog

For those about to rock-upy, Ben & Jerry salute you! For those about to rock-upy, Ben & Jerry salute you! Although they haven't introduced a new ...