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On Scripture: Enjoy the Super Bowl; Be Suspicious of Its Values
Originally Posted: 01/28/2014 - 9:36am | Type: Blog

At least, when we read the opening sentences of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount (found in Matthew 5:1-12), it seems his values are light years away from the confident and muscular ethos that football teams rel ...

Where Are the Referees?
Originally Posted: 01/21/2014 - 2:47pm | Type: Blog

Without referees (judges, umpires, arbiters, monitors), much of life would be a chaotic ordeal dominated by cheats, bullies, and dirty players. As a bizarre and ungainly conferen ...

Tim Tebow Brings a Little Goodness to Gotham
Originally Posted: 03/26/2012 - 3:47pm | Type: Blog

Now that Quarterback Tim Tebow has been traded to the Jets, New Jersey is about to experience a dose of wholesomeness it hasn't seen since milk trucks stopped delivering to your door. ...