The Common Good


Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: Beard Yourselves!

Tweeting the Bible, designing the Bible. Choosing an ethical restaurant. Paper sculptures. Ron Swanson cookies. Whisker Wars!

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Earth-Friendly Halloween Recipes

Thai-spiced pumpkin soup. Faux Stuffed "Intestines" Pie (totally vegetarian!) Roasted pumpkin seeds. Spooky ghost meringues. White bean pizza. And more treats that are good for you, festively Halloweenish, and kind to Mother Earth.

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My Favorite Simple Cooking Recipe Books

As Valerie Weaver- Zercher writes in "Simple Living Becomes
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Recipes for Resistance: Cooking With GMOs

As genetically modified organisms (GMOs) become more prevalent, so do protests against them.
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Climate of Change: Global Grassroots Environmental Success Stories

In Climate of Change, director Brian Hill tells the story of how ordinary people from around the world are taking action steps to save the environment.
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'My Prayers Were Heard'

An immigrant woman's testimony, as told to Juan Daniel Espitia, a pastor in Solana Beach, California.
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