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Baltimore: How Do We ‘Seek the Peace of the City?’
Originally Posted: 04/30/2015 - 9:22am | Type: Blog

These are the bone-dry logs, twigs, and kindling stacked high in every corner of impoverished neighborhoods. We must listen to the language of the riot. I walked through ash and g ...

The Price of "Betterness"
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Umair Haque is a self-titled “author, blogger, thinker, reformer.” But the more I read of his work, the more inclined I am to add the title “prophet” to that list of descriptors. ...

The Poor People's March and Occupy Wall Street
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At the dedication ceremony for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, at least two speakers -- the Rev. Bernice King, Martin Luther King's daughter, and the Rev. At the ...

The Legacy of Martin Luther King: Making Real the Promises of Democracy
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<strong>[<em>Editor's Note<span style="font-weight: normal;">: In anticipation of the anniversary of the March on Washington on August 28, 1963, God's Politics will featur ...

Lent Devotional: The Triumphal Entry and the Poor People's Campaign Mule Train
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During this Lenten season <a href="">The Poverty Initiative</a> is inviting you to join us as we reflect on the last week in the life of Jesus and the las ...

Changing Places: How the Obama Election Transformed Historic Locations
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Having talked to many friends since the election, I am conscious of how lots of us are still trying to let what happened sink in. Having talked to many friends since the election, ...