The Common Good
Words, Inspired by ...

Words, Inspired by ...


This inspirational book contains stories about Sheila Edwards-Howard's most memorable songs and poems. These stories, as unbelievable as they seem, are true. Other than changing some of the names in her book, Sheila shares 100% truths about the experiences that inspired her--including her reign as Miss Black Chicago, a near fatal accident, and life as a believer.

Her life reads like a continuous soap opera full of many peaks and valleys that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. Some of the words that she writes are inspired by tears, some by love, some by tragedy--but all by God.

The author also offers her personal philosophy on existing in a world grown cold and deceptive. Through triumphs, trials, and downfalls, Sheila shares a few secrets that she's learned about survival.

Life, Sheila believes, is all about touching someone's spirit with the little things that can mean so much, even if it's a story. That's what this book is all about--sharing.