The Common Good
September/October 2013 Sojourners Magazine

September/October 2013 Sojourners Magazine



Pastor, Prophet, Pope
Pope Francis’ spirit of reform holds much promise for those seeking to alter the status quo—in the Catholic Church and beyond.
By Stephen F. Schneck

‘Simple is the New Chic’
John Carr on Pope Francis’ trickle-down effect.
By Jim Rice

PLUS: What About the Women?
By Carol Keehan



Gaza: The Persistent Paradox
A land at once ugly, impoverished, beautiful, and rich.
Text and photos by Ryan Rodrick Beiler

The World as God Intends
New survey data on pastors and social justice.
By Ed Stetzer

The City of God and the City of Cain
How taking it to the streets is changing theological education.
By Mathew Myer Boulton

A Community of Strangers
Can a law make us love our neighbor?
By Stacy Martin



Boxers and Saints: An Interview with Gene Luen Yang
Review: Resisting Structural Evil; Interview: Kathryn Joyce; Excerpt: Pastrix, by Nadia Bolz-Weber

On Film
By Gareth Higgins

Eyes and Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum



‘Forward Together, Not One Step Back!’
A grassroots resistance movement emerges in North Carolina.
By Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Refusing to be Forgotten
Korean sex slaves—so-called “comfort women”—stand up for respect and justice.
By Aimee Kang

A Revolution of Rising Expectations
Dreams of a better life—and political corruption—spark rising protests around the world.
By Duane Shank



Hearts & Minds: Equal Protection—for All
By Jim Wallis

Moving Mountains: ‘Fighting Words’ from the Supreme Court
By Lisa Sharon Harper

Grain of Salt: The Party of No Compromise
By Jim Rice

Deep Economy: A Step Towards Healing
By Bill McKibben

H'rumphs: Be Nice. They’re listening (and taking notes).
By Ed Spivey Jr.



Letters: | Poetic Injustice | Just A Declining Ratio | Teaching Awareness | Servant Leadership | Hope Floats |

Poetry: They Will Kill You
By Ewuare X. Osayande

Short Takes: Four Questions for Khaipi
Interview by Dawn Araujo

Living the Word: Texts of Terror and Wealth
By Martin L. Smith