The Common Good
September/October 2008 Sojourners

September/October 2008 Sojourners


A Responsibility to Care
Mike Huckabee talks about children, poverty, and the role of government.
Interview by Jim Wallis

The Right Thing to Do
John Edwards explains why poverty is an issue we can do something about.
Interview by Jim Wallis


A Problem of Riches
Why concentrated wealth and the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us are not only bad for our economy but threaten democracy itself.
by Chuck Collins

Changing Our Minds
Five myths that stand in the way to overcoming poverty.
by Frances Moore Lappe

Many Mansions
Theological schools and seminaries are changing the ways they prepare their students for our increasingly multireligious world.
by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Talking for Change
Student activists are finding that sometimes conversation, not confrontation, is the way to make a difference.
by Josh MacIvor-Andersen


Vote Out Poverty
From election rhetoric to real change.
by Elizabeth Denlinger

Growing Pains
Keeping fair trade fair.
by Patty Kupfer

Life-Changing Experience
What gets young evangelicals mobilized for advocacy?
by Aaron Graham


Hearts & Minds: A New Moment Dawning
A solution to poverty will take both liberals and conservatives and those who are neither.
by Jim Wallis

Cult, Culture, and Cultivation
When we separate pleasure from responsibility, we defy nature at our own risk.
by Danny Duncan Collum

Let the Games Begin [wheeze]
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Why Bother?
Kathleen Norris explores how an ancient concept of spiritual malaise speaks to us today.
by Julie Polter

Practicing Peace
The final journey of Tom Fox, Christian peacemaker.
by Elizabeth Pyles

Pledging Allegiance
Book: Electing Not to Vote: Christian Reflections on Reasons for Not Voting, edited by Ted Lewis.
Reviewed by Lauren F. Winner

Houses of Hospitality
Book: The Catholic Worker After Dorothy Day: Practicing the Works of Mercy in a New Generation, by Dan McKanan. Reviewed by Rosalie Riegle

New and Noteworthy
Film: The Price of Sugar directed by Bill Haney
Book: Biblical Reflections on the Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond by Bill Mefford and Greg Leffel
Book: African Saints, African Stories: 40 Holy Men and Women by Camille Lewis Brown
Book: The Promise of Paradox by Parker Palmer
by Molly Marsh


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Between the Lines
| A Separate and Unequal System | Sustained by Faith | Quaker Program Reduces Recidivism | Teaching Pluralism | The Time is Near | Police Raid Christian Organizations | Heroes Welcome |

Poetry: Praise
by Chandy C. John

Living the Word: A Harsh and Dreadful Love
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for September.
by Laurel A. Dykstra

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