The Common Good
September/October 2006

September/October 2006


Valor, Honor, Conscience
A growing number of U.S. soldiers are saying "no" to the Iraq war.
by Stacia Brown

Defying Violence with Democracy
Why grassroots civil society - and not 'nation building' from on high - is key to the future of Iraq.
by Cynthia Boaz and Jack DuVall


Public Neglect and Private Hope
On the first anniversary of Katrina, New Orleans is grateful for the kindness of strangers, but worried about those levees. by Danny Duncan Collum

A Red Letter Campus
What do the words and witness of Jesus demand of a college that calls itself Christian?
by David Black

Let Your Light Shine
A Catholic university strives to make hunger for justice part of the curriculum.
by Joseph R. Hacala, SJ

Mutual Grace
Gay rights activists seek - and find - dialogue on (some) Christian campuses.
by Amy McDougall and Jake Nyberg


Hope Amid the Ruins
Out of the carnage, can real peace ever be achieved?
by Jim Rice

Iraq Vets Take on Washington
Soldier-candidates offer a firsthand perspective on the Iraq war.
by Erik K. Gustafson

9/11, Five Years On
Has the world changed? Or have we?
by Joan Chittister, OSB

Between the Lines
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Hearts & Minds: Sojourners/Call to Renewal
Sojourners and Call to Renewal have joined forces to create a new and much stronger organization.
by Jim Wallis

Macrowave: Seeking Something Bigger
This generation does not fear the sacred nor bow to the secular.
by David Batstone

Eyes & Ears: The Spirit of the Midwest
'Prairie Home Companion' hits prime time.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: First Day on the Job
Welcoming al Qaeda's dynamic new leader in Iraq.
by Ed Spivey Jr.


Living the Word: Back to School
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for September.
by Robert Roth

Living the Word: Integral Faith
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for October.
by Robert Roth

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Art or Propaganda?
The difference between messaging the truth - and being messengers of the truth.
by Betty Spackman

Jesus the Radical
Book: What Jesus Meant by Garry Wills.
Reviewed by Richard B. Hays

The Underpinnings of Faith
Book: The Catholic Worker Movement: Intellectual and Spiritual Origins by Mark Zwick and Louise Zwick.
Reviewed by Tobias Winright

New and Noteworthy
Book: A History of the End of the World: How the Most Controversial Book in the Bible Changed the Course of Western Civilization by Jonathan Kirsch.
Book: Personal Nonviolence: A Practical Spirituality for Peacemakers by Dr. Gerard Vanderhaar.
Film: The Social Entrepreneurship Series
Book: The Color of Wealth: The Story Behind the U. S. Racial Wealth Divide by Meizhu Lui, Barbara Robles, Betsy Leondar-Wright, Rose Brewer, and Rebecca Anderson.
Reviewed by Molly Marsh