The Common Good
September-October 2011 Sojourners Magazine

September-October 2011 Sojourners Magazine



Peace Be Upon Them
A small act of kindness leads to real friendship between members of a Tennesee church and their Muslim neighbors.
By Bob Smietana


Across the Great Divide
A Christian missionary meets a jihadist.
By Aaron D. Taylor

A Convert to Peace
Jim Wallis interviews Republican Rep. Walter B. Jones on why he changed his mind about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Teachable Moments
What I learned in seminary about God's call to social justice.

By Avedis Abovian, Nikia Smith Robert, Joshua Daly, Melanie Weldon-Soiset, Duke Kwon, LisaYebuah, Kathryn Anderson, and Naomi Brown

Why Seminary Matters
Good presidents and adminstrators influence not just schools, but the broader church.

By Barbara Wheeler


Cartoonist Gene Luen Yang on Christianity
Reviews: The Dream is Freedom; The Tree of Life

Eyes & Ears: The Vision of E Street
By Danny Duncan Collum

You Can Still Live
By Gareth Higgins


Silent Raids
ICE Follies: Silent raids that drive workers into the underground economy are worse than useless.
By Gebe Martinez

ROTC on campus
Studying War More? ROTC is back on campuses-but military thinking still conflicts with the life of the mind.
By Claire Lorentzen

Messing with Medicare
Irrational Discourse: Will we control high U.S. health care costs, or just shift them to seniors?
By Richard Kirsch


Hearts and Minds: 9/11 What have we learned?
By Jim Wallis

Deep Economy: Drawing a Line in the (Tar) Sand
By BIll McKibben

H'rumphs: Does That Emphysema Come in Menthol?
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Poetry: Giving Voice (for Daniel Berrigan on his ninetheth birthday)
By Bill Wylie Kellerman

Living the Word: Heaven's Back Door
By Richard Schiffman