The Common Good
September-October 2000 Sojourners

September-October 2000 Sojourners


Virtual Hate
The Internet has rekindled the zeal and magnified the power of hate groups. What can we do to fight back?
by Stacia Brown

You Say You Want a Revolution?
Resistance Records recruits soldiers for 'racial holy war.'
by Larry Bellinger


Healing the Sick And the System
Faith-based health ministries provide medicine...and hope.
by Emily Dossett

U2K Campaign: A Push for Universal Health Care
by Emily Dossett

Branded for Life
21st Century global marketers are more seductive than ever before. And they want your kids.
by Tom Sine

Resistance Is Not Futile
Some thoughts on sowing the mustard seed.
by Rose Marie Berger

Spectacular Works, Simple Obedience
We planned to do great things. God had other plans.
by Ryan Beiler


Clean Money
by Micah L. Sifry

Defend Life by Taking Life?
It's time for a new ethic - justice without vengeance.
by Cardinal Roger Mahony

Conduct Unbecoming
Military role in Kosovo 'ineffective and unethical.'
by Rose Marie Berger

Why we should apologize for slavery.
by Tony P. Hall

King of Heart and Soul
The infectious spirit of Tito Puente.
by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos

Communities of Character
Organizing around common values.
by George E. Schultze-Grijalva


Hearts & Minds: Poverty Is Not a Left-Wing Issue
Overtaking poverty will take all of our best values and insights.
by Jim Wallis

Grace Matters: Losing Our Religion?
by Chris Rice

Uprisings: Sustaining a Life of Service
A legacy of service: Krista Hunt Ausland.
by Julienne Gage

Eyes & Ears: Sacred Connections
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Defending Against Rogue Potlucks
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Poets Turned Prophets
Affrilachian Poets claim the space between two worlds.
by Elizabeth Newberry

How to Change the World
A training manual in nonviolent revolution.
Television: A Force More Powerful: A Century of Nonviolent Conflict by Steve York.
Reviewed by Rose Marie Berger

Living a Good Death
Bill Moyers on dying in America.
Television: On Our Own Terms by Bill Moyers.
Reviewed by Julie Polter

Daily Resurrections of Hope
The big hearts of small friends.
Book: Ordinary Resurrections: Children in the Years of Hope by Jonathan Kozol
Reviewed by Sara Wenger Shenk

Debunking Myths
Ian Frazier's On the Rez.
Book: On the Rez by Ian Frazier
Reviewed by Tom Montgomery-Fate

How Rebellious Was Jesus?
Seeing the gospel in new ways.
Book: Jesus the Rebel, Bearer of God's Peace and Justice by John Dear.
Reviewed by Chris Byrd

The Great Experiment
Reflections on Cuba's past - and future.
Book: Cuba: Neither Heaven Nor Hell by Maria Lopez Vigil.
Book: Perspective on Cuba and its People by Theodore Braun.
Reviewed by Julienne Gage


Between the Lines
| World Bank Says 'Oops' on Past Projects, Okays New Pipeline | In U.K. City, Cops Call Churches | Yet Another Ill-Conceived Episode of Star Wars | Chiapas' New Bishop | A New Branch of Government? | Briefly Noted |

Groundswell: Undoing Racism in Flint
Michigan city turns dialogue into action.
by Margaret Williamson

Call to Renewal: The Rich Get Richer
In these boom times, the wealth gap is getting worse.
by Rev. Alice Davis

Resources for study and action.
by Ryan Beiler

Bringing people together.
by Elizabeth Newberry

Living the Word: O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
The Holy City.
by Peter Walker

Poetry: Patmos
by William Miller

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