The Common Good
November 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

November 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



Election 2012: Jim Wallis on how to choose a president 

Radical Politics 
By Jim Wallis 

Plus: Our Endorsement for President by Jim Rice 

How to Choose: The Faith Agenda 
Jim Wallis asks what will be done for "the least of these." 

Why Voting Matters. 
A foldout guide to the 2012 election.


Seeking the Peace of the City 
Faith communities work to break the flow of guns to criminals. 
By Julienne Gage 

Word on the Street 
Deborah Little builds church with the homeless. 
By Charles Howard 

Sheer Christianity 
We believe in Jesus, but do we actually believe him? 
By Wesley Granberg-Michaelson 

The Pastor's Message 
Eugene Peterson on walking with God in our 40s and beyond. 
By Cathleen Falsani


A Year of Living as a "Biblical Woman" 
Betsy Shirley interviews author Rachel Held Evans. 

The Book Smugglers 
Resisting the Mexican American Studies ban. 

In Pursuit of Peace 
Books for traveling the path of nonviolence. 

Keeping it Real 
Looking for a powerful read? Check these out.


'A Clash of Fanaticisms' 
We'll never reach reconciliation between Christians and Muslims until we address root causes -- and take on the haters. 
By Jim Rice 

From 'Iron Fist' to Hand of Peace 
Gangs in El Salvador call a truce from behind prison walls. 
By Aaron McCarroll Gallegos 

'Farming in Hell' -- the New Normal? 
Our food system is a cause as well as a victim of climate change. 
By Aana Marie Vigen and Nancy C. Tuchman


Deep Economy: Divest from Fossil Fuels. Now. 
By Bill McKibben 

Eyes and Ears: How to Be Happy 
By Danny Duncan Collum 

H'rumphs: People of Earth... 
By Ed Spivey Jr.


| Uplift vs. Escapism | Location, Location, Location | Creation Care vs. Escapism | Out of Line with Jesus? | 

Poetry: Nineveh 
By Elvis O. Alves 

Living the Word: A World Without Immigrants? 
By Martin L. Smith