The Common Good
November 2011 magazine

November 2011 magazine



This far by faith
Sojourners celebrates its 40th anniversary. From a shoebox to a movement: For 40 years Sojourners has been fighting the good fight. Where do we go from here?
By Jim Wallis

Salt, Light, and Social Change
An evangelical scholar looks at Sojourners role in evangelical social justice.
By Soong-Chan Rah


Bridging the Bible Gap
Seminaries train pastors on how to read the Bible, but do those tools reach the pews?
By Jewel Gingerich Longenecker

Harry and the Principalities
The last Harry Potter film leaves questions at the crux.
By Bill Wylie-Kellermann

Stop a Pipeline, Save a Planet
The Tar Sands Action brought the climate crisis to Obama's doorstep.
By Rose Marie Berger


How to Read the Bible
Ten books for going deeper into scripture.
By Walter Brueggemann

Practice, Practice, Practice
How to deepen our spirituality, one step at a time.
By Betsy Shirley
Action Heroes
Stories of lives shaken and stirred by faith.
By Julie Polter


The Democracy Deficit
Doomsday threats and Wall Street influence erode U.S. government for the people.
By David Hilfiker

Holy Land Farce
Glenn Beck's exploitative event in Israel ignored justice and U.S. public opinion.
By Tom Getman

Compassion That Works
The Housing First approach to homelessness is more humane -- and cheaper -- than older models.
By Toya Richards


Hearts and Minds: What is Biblical Politics?
By Jim Wallis

The Roots of Terror
By Eboo Patel

Eyes and Ears: Food for Life
By Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: But We Don't Look A Day Over 38
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Poetry: How Dare the Sun Ascend?
By Ken Sehested

Living the Word: With the Eyes of Our Hearts
By Enuma Okoro