The Common Good
May-June 2002 Sojourners

May-June 2002 Sojourners


From Conquistadors to Corporations
Wanna do something about globalization? You might start by learning a little history.
by Richard Parker


Cuppa Joe, With a Twist
Pura Vida coffee--like most companies--goes after profits, but what happens next is hardly ordinary.
by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

What makes Pura Vida beans better?
by Bethany Spicher

Preaching God's Green Gospel
An interview with environmental minister Sally Bingham
Interviewed by April Thompson

Building Dreams
Architecture students at Alabama's Rural Studio raise shelters for the spirit.
by Rose Marie Berger

Anything But the Grrrrrl
An interview with musician Ani DiFranco--founder of Righteous Babe Records and folk-punk troubadour of the secular Left.
Interviewed by Rocky Kidd

Martha Stewartship
How to tell the difference between the good and a Good Thing OR What I learned from a domestic dominatrix.
by Julie Polter


Crossing the Nuclear Threshold
Just exactly how are nuclear weapons supposed to help us wipe out terrorism?
by Jim Wallis

Sins of the Fathers
The deepest guilt is the church's.
by Jim Rice

A New Farrakhan?
The Nation of Islam leans toward the mainstream.
by Larry Bellinger

Why Daniel Pearl Died
Pursuing truth is always a risky venture.
by Molly Marsh

A Moment of Triumph
It takes real faith to make change happen.
by Scott Harshbarger


Hearts & Minds: Time to Come to Washington
by Jim Wallis

Macrowave: You Are What You Owe
by David Batstone

The Hungry Spirit: Managing the Erotic Life
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: The Outlaw Rebel
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Don't Try This at Home (no, wait...)
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Enlarging the Family
TV's first all-Latino drama broadens the cultural picture.
Television: American Family
Reviewed by Aaron McCarroll Gallegos

A Few of My Favorite Things
by Holly Lebowitz Rossi

Living on Bananas
Film: Life and Debt by Stephanie Black
Reviewed by Judy Coode

Singing Down the Walls
Film: Amandla! A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony by Lee Hirsch
Reviewed by Robin Fillmore Chapin

Deep Reverence
Music: Deep Natural and Dub Natural by Michelle Shocked
Reviewed by Beth Newberry

Good for the Soul
Book: Confession: Doorway to Forgiveness by Jim Forest
Reviewed by Wayne A. Holst

Christianity Inc.
Book Excerpt: Christianity Incorporated: How Big Business is Buying the Church by Michael Budde and Robert Brimlow

New and Noteworthy
Book: The Art of the Commonplace edited by Norman Wirzba
Book: On Common Ground: World Religions in America edited by Diana Eck and the Pluralism Project at Harvard University
Book: My Monastery is a Minivan: Where the Daily is Divine and the Routine Becomes Prayer by Denise Roy
Music: Traveling Light: Songs from the 23rd Psalm, a compilation inspired by Max Lucado's book of the same name
Compiled by Molly Marsh and Bethany Spicher

Worth Noting...
Music: Border/La Linea by Lila Downs
Reviewed by Julienne Gage


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Living the Word: God So Loves This World
by Kari Jo Verhulst

Taking Action: The Church of Mary Magdalene
by Tricia Schug

Poetry: On the Road to Emmaus
by Rose Marie Berger

Compiled by Bethany Spicher

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