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May 2010 Sojourners Magazine

May 2010 Sojourners Magazine

Is the Emerging Church for Whites Only?
As the emerging movement strives to make church new, how is it dealing with the old challenges of diversity and justice?
by Soong-Chan Rah and Jason March, with responses by Julie Clawson, Brian McLaren, and Debbie Blue.
How to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons
... and make us all more secure: a pragmatic approach.
by David Cortright
'Tear Down This Wall'
Palestinian Christian activist Sami Awad on why nonviolence is key to Middle East justice.
Interview by Jim Rice
Plus: Awad's visit to Birkenau
The Power of Story
Reading may not change the world - but it changes the reader.
by Katherine Paterson
Antidotes to Cynicism
Books that help us put heart and soul into action.
by Julie Polter
Free for All
Public libraries transform lives, and not just by the book.
by Kate Bowman-Johnston
Books to Grow On
Books for children and young adults (grown-ups allowed).
by Kate Bowman-Johnston
Hearts & Minds: Christians for Social Justice
by Jim Wallis
Bridges: Building a Movement
by Eboo Patel
Global Engagement: This Changes Everything
by Lynne Hybels

Eyes & Ears: Corporate Blocks on Broadband
by Danny Duncan Collum
H'rumphs: Inventor. Handyman. Genius.
by Ed Spivey
| Corporate candidate | Gunsight Scripture | Rewriting history |
| Sins of the System | Make it Personal | Judged by Our Fruit | Flawed and Freed |
Living the Word: Refusing the Deathly World of Anxiety
by Walter Bruggemann

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