The Common Good
May 2007 Sojourners

May 2007 Sojourners

Special Issue: Trade Justice - How your wallet (and your clout) can help build a fairer world

Making Trade Just
Changing the world by changing the rules.
by Adam Russell Taylor

One Side to Every Story
The mainstream media's blind spot on "free trade."
by Danny Duncan Collum

A Case Study in the Possible
How Britain's Traidcraft went from church hall to the London Stock Exchange, without losing the faith.
by Richard Vernon

Entering the Fair Trade Zone
by Richard Vernon

World Market 101
Understanding the perils and promise of international trade. Includes Web Exclusive: List of additional readings and resources.
by Elizabeth Palmberg

There Are None So Blind...
Three factors that are invisible to market fundamentalists.
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Decoding the Lingo
Trade technocrats try to hide behind a veil of boring, but you can get beyond the jargon.
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Taking Action
by Elizabeth Palmberg

What Can I Do?
Compiled by Laurel R. Mathewson

Not Just Heavenly, It's Divine
Balancing the scales with justly traded chocolate.
by Dan Nejfelt

What Would Yeshua Wear?
A Bethlehem factory produces fair trade clothing by unionizing workers.
Interview by Rose Marie Berger

'The Fast I Choose'
What will we see if we view the global economy through the lens of faith?
by Elaine Storkey


Hearts & Minds: A Conversation on Moral Issues
Rich Cizik is part of a broad and growing evangelical consensus on global warming.
by Jim Wallis

Eyes & Ears: 'We Are the World'
Now playing near you: A global monoculture.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: What's In a Name? (Parole if you're good.)
Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Although, some less so than others.
by Ed Spivey, Jr.


Living the Word: God's New Creation
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
by Malinda Elizabeth Berry

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