The Common Good
March 2006 Sojourners

March 2006 Sojourners


Found in Translation
'Kingdom of God' is so last-century. Are there new ways to talk about Jesus' good news?
by Brian McLaren


Peace Cops?
Christian peacemaking and the implications of a global police force.
by Tobias Winright

Uncommon Threads
Lee Porter's quilts capture the beauty of rural Nicaragua.
by Lee Porter

Divided States of the Americas
Human rights and democracy in Latin America: A progress report.
by Eric L. Olson

Green Hair, Gray Hair
What do you get when you mix punk rockers with senior citizens?
by Celeste Kennel-Shank

Revealing Hidden Histories
by Celeste Kennel-Shank


The Man Who Would Be King
What to do when a president places himself above the law?
by Ray McGovern

Hurricane Diaspora
A half year after unprecedented disaster, where are the citizens of the Gulf Coast - and what do they need?
by Catherine Cuellar

An Act of Repentance
Why I felt called to civil disobedience.
by Bruce Petersen

Between the Lines
| Votes in a Lockbox? | Picket And Pray | Good Samaritans | Nun's Killers Convicted | Come On Down! | Plagues For Kids | News Bites |


Hearts & Minds: Red Letter Christians
Somehow, Jesus has survived even the church.
by Jim Wallis

The Hungry Spirit: The Great Silence
Lent invites us to a 'tranquil listening of the heart.'
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: Uncrossing The Wires
If democracy is to be more than a slogan, everyone must have access to the Internet.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Arresting Developments
Apparently, 'a-wassailing' means 'meeting with my lawyers.'
by Ed Spivey Jr.


Living the Word: Covenant Living
by Robert Roth

Poetry: XXVIII
by Michael Borich

| Economics and 'Free' Time | Working Women | Modeling Values | Science and Religion Coexist | Epistles of Grief |


Bridging the Church Music Gap
There's a rich middle ground between organ lofts and praise bands.
by Steve Thorngate

To 'Kiss The Sky'
'Pop music possesses the power to transport the human spirit.'
Book: I'll Take You There: Pop Music and the Urge for Transcendence by Bill Friskics-Warren.
Reviewed by Kate Bowman Johnston

Leading with Grace
Book: Leadership From Inside Out: Spirituality and Organizational Change by Wesley Granberg-Michaelson.
Reviewed by Clifton Kirkpatrick

New and Noteworthy
Film: Making Ends Meet: AIDS and Poverty
Book: Inequality Matters: The Growing Economic Divide in America and Its Poisonous Consequences by James Lardner and David Smith.
Book: Engage: Exploring Nonviolent Living
Film: Sophie Scholl: The Final Days by Marc Rothemund.
Reviewed by Molly Marsh

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