The Common Good
July-August 2002 Sojourners

July-August 2002 Sojourners


The Faith Will Survive
The institutional church, on the other hand, is in serious trouble. Here's why.
by Joan Chittister

Seeing With One Eye
Will the pedophilia scandal affect the role of women in the church?
by Joan Chittister

Beyond Crime & Punishment
Male celibacy isn't the problem here. But for the Catholic Church to achieve a healthy system, things have to change.
by Richard Rohr, OFM


Secretary of Woe
What God and the genius of capitalism have in common. A Bible study on the book of Job. And more.
by Walter Brueggemann

A World of Elders
How will the global community develop sustainable social structures for an aging population?
Photos and statistics from the United Nations

Swinging Back
Violence in the anti-corporate-globalization movement.
by Stacia M. Brown

White Overalls, Black Blocs
No, the "Battle for Seattle' wasn't the Yankees-Mariners series.

A Miracle in Mindanao
Christians and Muslims build bridges in the Philippines.
by Mary Ann Cejka


Why Not Attack Iraq?
There are viable alternatives to war, but only if we organize and speak out.
by David Cortright

Check This Out...If You Dare!
Big Brother gets literary.
by Bob Hulteen

Thou Shalt Not Nuke
The church response (or lack thereof) to Bush's nuclearism.
by Duane Shank

Catholic Scandal, Ecumenical Solution
The whole church must combat sexual misconduct.
by Rose Marie Berger


Hearts & Minds: What Must Be Done
by Jim Wallis

Macrowave: Utopia: All It's Not Cracked Up To Be
by David Batstone

The Hungry Spirit: Road Trippin'
Are we there yet?
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: Don't Get Above Your Raisin'
In country music the greatest sins are pretense and snobbery.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Foreign Relations
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Death Rattle & Roll
The Executioner's Last Songs sounds a murderous note against the death penalty
Music: The Executioner's Last Song, a compilation from Bloodshot Records to benefit the Illinois Death Penalty Moratorium Project.
by Beth Newberry

Spiritual Lessons from The X-Files
by Teresa Blythe

Stirring the Imagination
Art: The Human Rights Painting Project
Reviewed by Roberto Rivera

Reading Between the Lines
Book Excerpt: Reading is Believing: The Christian Faith Through Literature and Film by David Cunningham

A Toast to Freedom
Book: Fierce Legion of Friends: A History of Human Rights Campaigns and Campaigners by Linda Rabben
Book: The Fragmentation of the Church and Its Unity in Peacemaking edited by Jeffrey Gros and John D. Rempel
Book: Hebron Journal: Stories of Nonviolent Peacemaking by Arthur G. Gish
Book: Walking on Fire: Haitian Women's Stories of Survival and Resistance by Beverly Bell
Reviewed by Rose Marie Berger

From Timid to Towering
Film: A Day's Work, A Day's Pay
Reviewed by Will Jones

Summertime Reading
Books to talk about over the barbeque grill or to take with you to the backyard hammock
Reviewed by Molly Marsh

A Few of My Favorite Things
by Ed Spivey Jr.

New and Noteworthy
Music: Peace is the World Smiling, a compilation from Music for Little People
Book: African Saints: Saints, Martyrs, and Holy People from the Continent of Africa by Frederick Quinn
Music: Songs Inspired by Literature, Chapter 1, a compilation by the SIBL Project
Book: Practicing Your Path: A Book of Retreats for an Intentional Life by Holly Whitcomb


Between the Lines
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Living the Word: Living As God's Beloved
by Kari Jo Verhulst

Taking Action: Round, Round, I Get Around
by Larry Bellinger

Poetry: The Summer God Was Nine Years Old
by Kelly Sterns

Compiled by Bethany Spicher

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