The Common Good
July 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

July 2013 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



Drones for Christ
How the world's largest Christian university became an evangelist for drone warfare.
By David Swanson

Hellfire from Above
Obama, technology, and the myth of redemptive violence.
By Steve Holt

Peering in the Dark Corners
Jeremy Scahill shines a light on U.S. covert wars.
By Catherine Woodiwiss



A Holy Land Without Christians
The decline of Christianity in the Middle East.
By Gregg Brekke

Waiting on God
From oasis to desert and back again: a spiritual journey.
By Linda Kaufman

A 'Redeemable Revolution'
An interview with Sen. Ehab El Kharrat, a Christian in Egypt's Parliament, on why he sees his country as a "work in progress."



Can we Lean In to more equality?
Reviews: The sacredness of Human Life; Does Jesus Really Love Me?; Anonymity

Eyes & Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film
By Gareth Higgins



Seeking Nonviolent Solutions in Syria
Working with the U.N. for a negotiated settlement has a greater chance of success than military involvement.
By David Cortright

My Pilgrimage with Warehouse Workers
Immigration reform must include protection of workers' rights.
By Helene Slessarev-Jamir

Recognizing 'Christian Privilege'
How the dominance of Christianity affects interfaith relations.
By Rabbi Seth Goren



Hearts & Minds: Overcoming Violent Fundamentalism
By Jim Wallis

Deep Economy: Turning Up the Heat
By Bill McKibben

Grain of Salt: Our Dolls, Our Selves
By Jim Rice

Moving Mountains:A Passing of the Baton
By Lisa Sharon Harper

H'rumphs: "Only Fools Rush In..."
By Ed Spivey Jr.



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Poetry: Hell's Belly
By Gene Fox

Short Takes: Five Questions for Susan Burton
By Dawn Araujo

Living the Word: Soaking in the Word of God
By Martin L. Smith