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July 2011 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

July 2011 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



A Web of Power
How online tools are transforming the way social change happens.
By Jeannie Choi

WWWired for Freedom
An activist in Phoenix launches a website -- and supports a revolution on the other side of the world.
By Claire Lorentzen


The Body in Pain
What do people of faith have to say about torture?
By Robin Kirk

Stranger in a Strange Land
A former Army intelligence analyst in Iraq talks about Bradley Manning, the weight of conscience, and the witness of St. Paul.
By Evan Knappenberger

Temptation in the Consumer Wilderness
What Matthew 4 has to say to the age of climate change.
By Fredric L. Quivik

Rediscovering Jesus
Love, justice, and the radical challenge raised by the untamed Christ.
By Wesley Granberg-Michaelson


Where Her Heart Is
Humanitarian, award winning actress, and best-selling author Ashley Judd reflects on her faith and "true calling" -- social justice activism.
By Jason Howard

Good Intentions Gone Bad
The Furnace of Affliction: Prison and Religion in Antebellum America, by Jennifer Graber. UNC Press.
Reviewed by Lauren F. Winner

A Believers' Web
Digital Jesus: The Making of a New Christian Fundamentalist Community on the Internet, by Robert Glenn Howard. New York University Press.
Reviewed by Brittany Shoot

New and Noteworthy
Reviewed by Julie Polter

Claiming Our Power
By Gareth Higgins

The Art of Dying
One man searches for balance between family and solitude, nature and technology.
By Tom Montgomery Fate

The Ayn Rand Makeover
By Danny Duncan Collum


The Safety Net Frays
Morally and economically, it's wrong for federal budget makers to go after the poor.
By Elizabeth Palmberg

Undelivered Promises
A U.S.-Columbia trade pact would not address, and might even reward, paramilitary violence.
By Gimena Snchez-Garzoli

We Have the Technology
Off-the-shelf renewable power can meet 100 percent of world need -- if we have the will.
By Lyndsay Moseley


Deep Economy: The New Ugliest Word
By Bill McKibben

Godstuff: A Stand for Freedom
By Cathleen Falsani

Earth & Heaven: Trigger Words
By Joel Hunter

Hearts & Minds: The Things that Make for Peace
By Jim Wallis

H'rumphs: Judgement Day 2.0
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Inside Story: From the Editors
By the Editors

Poetry: Edict
By Scott Kinder-Pyle

Living the Word: God's Care Package is Bursting
By Enuma Okoro

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