The Common Good
July 2010 Sojourners Magazine

July 2010 Sojourners Magazine

Boys Don't Cry... and other dangerous lies
When men are raised to ignore their inner lives, the consequences can be devastating.
by Richard Rohr, OFM

The Persistence of Patriarchy
Hard to believe, but some churches are still talking about male headship.
by Anne Eggbroten

A Prophetic Milestone toward Peace
Palestinian Christians call for a nonviolent movement to end the occupation.
by Rabbi Arik Ascherman
Plus: Responding to an outstretched hand.
Community that Transforms
An intergenerational conversation on why we need Christian community, and where to find it, with Amy Barger, Bob Sabath, and Sondra Shepley.
'I Kneel to the Desert God': An interview with Richard Rodriguez
Reviews: The Complete Psalms; Joyful Noise; Made for Goodness
Excerpt: The Death of Josseline
Hearts & Minds: Is Christian Ministry Illegal in Arizona?
by Jim Wallis
Global Engagement: Following Jesus in the West Bank
by Lynne Hybels

Deep Economy: Time for Some Angry Work
by Bill McKibben

Earth & Heaven: Legacy of the Apartheid
by Joel Hunter

The Hungry Spirit
by Rose Marie Berger
H'rumphs: First Among Equals
by Ed Spivey
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Short Takes: Four Questions for Sylvie Mbanga Maunga

Living the Word: A Season of Generosity and Gratitude
by Walter Bruggemann

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