The Common Good
January-February 2000 Sojourners

January-February 2000 Sojourners


How Business Can Be Good
(And Why Being Good is Good for Business).
by Jeffrey L. Seglin

Help with the "Tough Choices"
by Jeffrey L. Seglin

Business Ethics on the Web
by Jeffrey L. Seglin

The Brave New World of Business Ethics
As the old moral infrastructure crumbles, will faith take its place?
by Laura L. Nash
Beyond Legal Obligation
Jack Feldbaile, CEO of a large firm, describes a business decision that he feels highlights the tensions he faced as a Christian in business.
by Laura L. Nash
Under the Heel of Business
Many corporations in the global marketplace have severed their social contract with workers and local communities.
by Ruth Rosenbaum

What is an 'Ethical Wage'?
by Ruth Rosenbaum

Setting a Global Table
by Elizabeth Newberry

What's Your Price?
Ten principles for saving a corporate soul---and (who knows?) maybe your own.
by David Batstone

Sowing in the Corners
by Ryan Beiler


Natural Born Allies
Labor activists and people of faith rally around 'core values.'
by Pat McDonnell Twair
City Lights
To be a contemplative has traditionally meant leaving the city for a quiet life of prayer. But some are discovering a new kind of urban contemplation that includes both a deep spiritual life and active work for justice.
by Edward J. Farrell

It Was the City that Healed Me
by Theresa, a religious sister who lies and ministers in Detroit

Fed by My Prayer
by Maria, a retired school principal in Detroit


Elvis, Stalin, or Francis of Assisi?
Who would you choose as Person of the Millennium?
by Julie Polter
The GOP Goes Nuclear
After the test ban vote, what next for the peace movement?
by David Cortright
Why I'm Walking to Work Tomorrow
Putting a price on pollution.
by Rose Marie Berger
Goodbye to 'One of Us'
Nyerere, Africa's father of independence.
by Alden Almquist
You Call That Art!?
Artists and believers have something to talk about.
by Julie Polter
Honest Pay
Why the living wage campaign is working.
by Emily Dossett

Hearts & Minds: 45 Predictions for the New Millennium
The Spice Girls won't be remembered. Martin Luther King will.
by Jim Wallis
Grace Matters: Separate and Equal?
Are we only liberated from something or are we also liberated into something?
by Chris Rice
Uprisings: School House Lock
A school system cannot hope to solve school violence simply by increasing security.
by Celeste Kennel-Shank

Eyes & Ears: It's a Playboy World After All
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Surely, There Must Be Some Mistake
by Ed Spivey Jr.

Culture Watch

Sacred Journeys
A modern pilgrim walks an ancient path.
Book: The Art of the Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau.
Book: Sacred Roads: Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail by Nicholas Shrady.
Reviewed by Sam Herring
Grace for Everyone
Will Campbell's 'scandalizing' faith.
Book: Soul Among Lions: Musings of a Bootleg Preacher by Will Campbell.
Reviewed by Frye Gaillard
Capturing sorrow with hope.
Book: Sorrow by Claribel Alegria.
Reviewed by Rose Marie Berger
Restoring Labor's Voice
A movement for a fair economy.
Book: The Living Wage: Building a Fair Economy by Robert Pollin and Stephanie Luce.
Book: The Lexicon of Labor by R. Emmett Murray.
Reviewed by Chuck Collins
Does Obedience Equal Choice?
Listening for God's voice.
Book: Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith by Nora Gallagher.
Book: The Calling: A Year in the Life of an Order of Nuns by Catherine Whitney.
Book: Evensong by Gail Godwin.
Reviewed by Jo Ann Heydron

A Tribute to Nonviolence
Bishop Belo's struggle for freedom in East Timor.
Book: From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor by Arnold S. Kohen.
Reviewed by John Chamberlin
Not Quite Dead Yet
The harsh glare of life on the streets.
Film: Bringing Out the Dead by Martin Scorsese.
Reviewed by Judy Coode

Between the Lines
| Jubilee Progress | Insult to Injury | Justice Remains Elusive in Guatemala | Action on Sudan | Briefly Noted |
Groundswell: The Business of Relief
Food - and much more - for the poor.
by Jim Rice
Call to Renewal: Making Poverty a Campaign Issue
CTR readies for approaching Summit.
by Alice Davis

Seeds: Resources for Study and Action
by Ryan Beiler

Bringing people together.
by Elizabeth Newberry
Living the Word: Dare to Preach This Gospel
Mark's gospel offers an antidote to domesticated, superficial Christianity.
by William O'Brien

Poetry: Letter to Tremblay About Death
by Fredrick Zydek

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