The Common Good
January 2008 Sojourners

January 2008 Sojourners


A Call to Repentance
Christian support for the Iraq war raises the critical question: To whom do we belong?
by Jim Wallis


Goodness Revealed
An interview with liberation theologian Jon Sobrino.
by Michelle Garcia

Cordwood and Community
Over the past two years, educators Linda and Scot DeGraf have been building a one-room cottage made of natural, recycled, and local materials.
by Scot DeGraf

Making It Real
How to live as if another world were already here.
by Tom Sine


A Nation of Jenas
How God's Word empowers us to fight racism.
by Alexis Vaughan

Do the Math
Don't buy the corporate agrofuel greenwash.
by Elizabeth Palmberg

Revolution of the Spirit
Burma's resistance is not over.
by Richard Deats

Between the Lines
| Wading in Blackwater | Church Parking Lot is Safe Haven | Black Church Leaders Meet on AIDS | Orthodox Seminary Goes Green | Wine for Abundant Life | The Lord Preserves the Foreigner |


Hearts & Minds: A Real 'Values' Agenda
"The Church is the conscience of the state."
by Jim Wallis

The Hungry Spirit: Untimely Pregnant
Mary and Elizabeth teach hope in bitter times.
by Rose Marie Berger

The Hungry Spirit: On Becoming a Chirstian
During Lent, we think about the saints who listened in the night.
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: New Old-Time Country Music
The Carolina Chocolate Drops keep an America tradition alive.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Bring Them Home Now
Our private contractors have sacrificed enough in Iraq.
by Ed Spivey Jr.


Living the Word: Voices of Truth
by Laurel A. Dykstra

Poetry: After the Fall
by Jasmine Marshall Armstrong

| Who's "Fit" | True Transformation | The Right Words | Divine Decree? |


Dramatic Possibilities
What happens when young playwrights set their live to paper?
Reviewed by Deryl Davis

Subsidizing the Rich
Reviewed by David Cay Johnston

A Reverence for Song
Music: The Trumpet Child by Over the Rhine.
Reviewed by Steve Thorngate

Living with AIDS
Book: Reflecting Theologically on AIDS: A Global Challenge by Robin Gill.
Reviewed by Kimberly Burge

New and Noteworthy
Book: Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community by Bill McKibben.
Audio: Texts for Preaching: A Lectionary Commentary Based on the NRSV, Vol. 2: Year B by Walter Brueggemann and Cousar Charles B.
Book: The Gospel of Cesar Chavez: My Faith in Action by Mario T. Garcia.
Music: Experience...101 by Sweet Honey in the Rock.
Reviewed by Molly Marsh

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