The Common Good
February 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

February 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



'Humankind's Most Savage Cruelty'
What will it take to shut down "Satan's marketplace," the global slave trade?
By Stewart Burns

Works of Mercy
Chinese churches face off against human trafficking.
By Sylvia Yu

Slaves in Our Family
If the good news doesn't free the captive, it's not the gospel of Jesus.
By Rose Marie Berger


Standing up to Death Squads
Grassroots leaders in Colombia fight bravely for the right to live.
By Elizabeth Palmberg

There Was a Tree in Starksville
Going 'back South' in 1961 to form an interracial community.
By Rosemarie Freeney Harding as told to Rachel E. Harding


Pilgrimages: On the Road Again
Reviews: Liberating Biblical Study; No Sympathy for the Devil.
Excerpt: Raised Right.
By Julie Polter

Eyes & Ears: The End of Rock As We Know It
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film: Hugo, Take Shelter, and The Mill and the Cross
By Gareth Higgins


Fighting Fire with Water
With U.S. troops now in Africa to escalate the fight against the Lord's Resistance Army, clergy in the region express concern.
By Marie Dennis

Getting Ready for the 'Palestinian Spring'
Nonviolent resistance will be key to freedom and independance in Palestine.
By Sami Awad

Friends and Neighbors
A Quaker community in North Carolina reaches out to its Muslim neighbors.
By Nancy Milio and Curt Torell


Hearts & Minds: Defining 'Evangelicals' in an Election Year
By Jim Wallis

Deep Economy: What Next for the Occupiers?
By Bill McKibben

Godstuff: Waiting to Exhale
By Cathleen Falsani

H'rumphs: Learning from Our Mistakes (...kidding)
By Ed Spivey Jr.


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Poetry: Words
By R.M. Blair

Living the Word: Embracing the Powers That Be
By Enuma Okoro