The Common Good
December 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)

December 2012 Sojourners Magazine (Downloadable PDF)



Rethinking Success 
Individuals have to slow down to find their spiritual center. But that doesn't make a very good business plan. 
By Bob Sabath 

Slow Down and Know That I Am God 
Why it's time for a conversation about Slow Church. 
by C. Christopher Smith


A Call to Conversion 
Ex-offenders confront the for-profit prison industry. 
By Sheldon C. Good 

Plus: Incarceration Nation By Dawn Araujo 

Homeless, Not Helpless 
Organizing to challenge the powers that be in New York City, by those without homes. 
By Robert Hirschfield


Caroline Herring's Songs of Truth 
Review: Interfaith Just Peacemaking; Excerpt: A Thicker Jesus 

Eyes & Ears 
By Danny Duncan Collum 

On Film 
By Gareth Higgins


A Shameful Legacy 
Canadian churches repent for running Indian Residential Schools. 
By Elaine Enns 

Pregnant with Possibility 
Advent marinates us as we prepare to taste Christ's arrival. 
By Donna Schaper 

The Road to Recovery 
We know how policymakers can fight unemployment. They're just not doing it. 
By Heather Boushey


Hearts & Minds: Emerging Hope 
By Jim Wallis 

Bridges: What We Know About Muslims 
By Eboo Patel 

Eyes & Ears: Free-Speech Fundamentalism 
By Danny Duncan Collum 

The Hungry Spirit: A Series of Curious Events...and a Chicken 
By Rose Marie Berger 

H'rumphs: 'Honey, We Are Home' 
By Ed Spivey Jr.


| The Problem is Poverty | Close, but no Cigar | Big-Picture View | 

Poetry: When You Are a Child 
By Sandra M. Tully 

Living the Word: The Season to Put on Beauty 
By Martin L. Smith