The Common Good
Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America's Future (eBook Shorts)

Conservatives, Liberals, and the Fight for America's Future (eBook Shorts)


For a deeper biblical understanding of the role of government, get a FREE eBook containing two chapters from On God’s Side, by Jim Wallis. These chapters—“Conservatives, Liberals, and a Call to Civility” and “A Servant Government”—examine the polarization of our country and the consequences of losing sight of the common good. Right now it is available for FREE until October 9.

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"My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side." — Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln led America through one of the most tumultuous times in our nation's history. Reading his words today, it is clear we still have much to learn concerning what it means to be on God's side.

Bestselling author, public theologian, and leading Christian activist Jim Wallis speaks directly into our current context, revealing the spiritual compass we need to effect lasting change in our society. He explains how the good news of Jesus transforms not only our individual lives but also our public lives. Jesus's gospel of the kingdom of God helps us recover a personal and social commitment to the common good and shows us—in concrete ways—how to be both personally responsible and socially just. Working together, we can reshape our churches, society, politics, and economy.

In the midst of contentious national debates over gun control, immigration, budget deficits, and more, this book moves the conversations beyond current media and political warfare to bring together a divided country. Wallis explores how Jesus' agenda can serve the common good, what it takes to sustain a lifelong commitment to social justice, and how reading the Bible—as well as the culture—can shape our lives for genuine transformation.