The Common Good
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Christians, Muslims, and the Common Good: Loving Your Neighbor in the 21st Century (PDF)


Perfect for small groups or individual study! In the years since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, much progress has been made in religious engagement between Christians and Muslims. At the same time, Islamophobic attacks have increased in the U.S., making it harder to be a Muslim in America. Both Christianity and Islam place a high value on reaching, in peace, across the lines that divide people and cultures. While we work to understand one another's beliefs, we are standing shoulder to shoulder to address the common needs of the most vulnerable in the society we share, working side by side for the common good. This guide, a collection of articles from Sojourners magazine and the Sojourners God's Politics blog, is designed to spark discussion, thought, and action about how to live out God's call for hospitality, peace, and the common good.

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