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Bookmark - Mother of the Disappeared

Bookmark - Mother of the Disappeared

Icons by Br. Robert Lentz, ofm.

For Catholic peoples of Latin America, the Sorrowful Mother- Madre Dolorosa- is a central image in their life. Marys bitter experience on Good Friday has made her a sympathetic sister to those whose lives are marked by similar sorrow. Dimensions: 7.25" x 2.5"

Mother of the Disappeared

Tens and thousands of Latin American mothers have had family members abducted- disappeared- by death squads in recent years. In 1976 a number of Argentinian mothers began a silent protest every week in front of government offices as a way to release their despair. Wearing black dresses and white kerchiefs, they carried photographs of their missing loved ones, and marched around the plaza. They wore a white rose bud if they hoped their loved one was still alive and a red rose bud for the dead.

This icon presents a new Madre Dolorosa who stands in solidarity with the Mothers of the Disappeared. She wears their white kerchief and her wine-colored Byzantine garment in almost black. She has no photograph to carry of her Son, who was also abducted by a death squad and tortured to death, but she carries his crown of thorns. She wears both red and white rose buds, since she has become a mother of the disappeared.

© Robert Lentz, 1987

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