The Common Good
On God's Side - 12 Audio CDs

Audiobook (CD): On God's Side



*** Narrated by Jim Wallis! ***

Disc Count: 12 CDs
Run Time: 14.1 hours


Jim Wallis’ newest book, On God’s Side: What Religion Forgets and Politics Hasn’t Learned About Serving the Common Good, examines the deepest problems this world faces. What we need is a commitment to an ancient idea whose time has urgently come: the common good.

How do we work together, even with people we don’t agree with? How do we treat each other, especially the poorest and most vulnerable? How do we take care of not just ourselves, but also one another? Wallis tackles these questions and more in this challenging, yet hopeful book.

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Praise for On God’s Side

“Jim Wallis and I have a variety of differences on domestic and international policy, but there is no message more timely or urgent than his call to actively consider the common good.”

Michael Gerson, op-ed columnist, The Washington Post

“I love the work and books and existence of Jim Wallis. His is a profound and always entertaining voice of reason, reconciliation, and passion for social justice and peace. Each of his books makes me wish I could get it into the hands of more politicians, right-wing Christians, left-wing Christians, secular humanists, economists, and regular people—everyone—so we could see how much we have in common and how much is at stake.”

Anne Lamott, author of Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

“Jim Wallis is this country’s major prophetic evangelical Christian voice. He has a sense of urgency and hope seldom seen in our cynical time. I hope and pray his voice resounds across this land—and that we pay heed to it.”

Cornel West, professor of philosophy and Christian practice, Union Theological Seminary; professor emeritus, Princeton University