The Common Good
April 2013 Sojourners Magazine

April 2013 Sojourners Magazine



A Gospel for the Common Good
Christianity is a call to a relationship that changes all our other relationships.
By Jim Wallis


To Redeem the Soul of a Nation
Fifty years after Dr. King's "Letter from Birmingham Jail," what would he say to churches today?
By Vincent G. Harding

"We Dare Not Postpone Action"
Christian churches in the U.S. respond to King's letter.

Come With Me into the Fields
Farm labor organizing and immigration reform.
By Patrick O'Neill

Breaking the Impasse
Reframing the church's debate on same-sex relationships.
By Wesley Granberg-Michaelson

A Relentless Faith
Sten Kim's mission for the people of North Korea.
By Sylvia Yu


Edwidge Danticat on Jaiti's cathedral of dreams
Reviews: The Economy of Desire; Making Friends Among the Taliban; From Willow Creek to Sacred Heart.

Eyes & Ears
By Danny Duncan Collum

On Film
By Gareth Higgins


Calling of the Shepherd
A prayer for the new pope to fulfill, in fresh ways, the promise of Vatican II
By Marie Dennis

The Economics of Abundance
Austerity budgets in hard economic times are bad econimics--and questionable theology.
By Vincent Miller

Connecting the Dots
Hurricane Sandy vividly demonstrated the relationship between climate change, poverty, and immigration.
By Onleivlove Alston


Hearts & Minds: What Does It Mean to Be on God's Side?
By Jim Wallis

Global Engagement: The Cost of 'Perverted' Preaching
By Lynne Hybels

Bridges: The Inaugural Prayer We Didn't Hear
By Eboo Patel & Claire Albert

The Hungry Spirit: At the River We Stand
By Rose Marie Berger

H'rumphs: The Real Reason Americans Love Guns
By Ed Spivey Jr.


Letters: | Unwinnable Race | Our First Allegiance | Teaching for Peace | Keep Talking Community | Gun Perspectives |

Poetry: Second Line
By Betsy Sholl

Short Takes: Six Questions for Frank Mugisha
By Elizabeth Palmberg

Living the Word: Fifty Days of Grace
By Martin L. Smith