The Common Good
April 2005 Sojourners

April 2005 Sojourners


If I Were A Rich Man...
The elite few benefit from the Bush tax agenda. The rest of us get stuck with the bill.
by David Cay Johnston

Reform, Reduce, Destroy
For political strategist Grover Norquist, tax policy is just a means to a brutish end.
by Duane Shank


Who Killed Jimmy Lee Jackson?
A 40-year-old civil rights murder mystery, and the former state trooper who holds the answer.
by John Fleming

A Boxed Set
Object lessons from Palestinian-American artist Rajie Cook.
by Rose Marie Beger

The Lost Boys Of Sudan
The young refugees had come through almost unthinkable terrors to a strange, strange land.
by Mark Bixler

The Zambia Experiment
With 86 percent of the country below the poverty line, the southern African nation of Zambia seems an unlikely candidate to face down the United States - and corporate giant Monsanto - over genetically modified seeds.
by Peter Henriot


The Shame Deficit
No tax cuts during wartime.
by Chuck Collins

Language That Unites
Communicating across the red-blue divide.
by Sandra Dufield

A Fitting Challenge
Millennium Goals offer hope against poverty.
by Adam Russell Taylor

Between the Lines
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Hearts & Minds: Riding the Whirlwind
As the tour continues, a new movement for justice in America is being spread. I can feel it.
by Jim Wallis

Macrowave: Use the Rod, Spoil the Child
Is corporal punishment the proper way to nurture moral character?
by David Batstone

The Hungry Spirit: When the Gospel Gets Under Your Skin
It's the lives of our saints, not their deaths, that teach us about faith.
by Rose Marie Berger

Eyes & Ears: Down With The Boondocks
Aaron McGruder rages against the machine.
by Danny Duncan Collum

H'rumphs: Cul-de-Sac Warriors
Clearly, Rumsfeld's critics never had their own secret army.
by Ed Spivey Jr.


Living the Word: The Cost of Faith
by Paula Gooder

Poetry: Flossenburg
by Joel Kurz

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Creep Fest
The attack of the chiller flicks.
by Richard Vernon

If Stones Could Speak
Book: Buried Secrets: Truth and Human Rights in Guatemala by Victoria Sanford
Book: The Stone Fields: An Epitaph For The Living by Courtney Angela Brkic
Reviewed by Linda Clum

Honor Thy Body
Book: Reclaiming the Body in Christian Spirituality edited by Thomas Ryan
Reviewed by Christa Mazzone

New and Noteworthy
Book: The Heart of Racial Justice: How Soul Change Leads to Social Change by Brenda Salter McNeil and Rick Richardson
Book: The Last Word and the Word After That: A Tale of Faith, Doubt, and a New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren
Book: Sermons from Duke Chapel: Voices from "A Great Towering Church" by William Willimon
Film: Duke and the Great Pie War, the newest adventure from VeggieTales
Reviewed by Molly Marsh