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The Choices We Face: A Guide for Faith Leaders to the Federal Budget and Tax Debate

Sojomail - January 10, 2013

The Choices We Face: A Guide for Faith Leaders to the Federal Budget and Tax Debate

by God's Politics Editor

For the past two years, Sojourners has been in the middle of every budget battle speaking out on behalf of poor and struggling families and individuals. With your help and support, we made news across the country by asking, “What Would Jesus Cut?” More than 30,000 people joined Jim Wallis in a fast for a moral budget. We’ve run print, radio, and TV ads. 

But, this work isn’t over. We need to prepare now.

That’s why Sojourners has teamed up with PICO, one of the nation’s largest community organizing networks, to create and distribute “The Choices We Face: A Guide for Faith Leaders to the Federal Budget and Tax Debate.”

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In order to make a difference for poor and hungry people at home and abroad, the country needs more people of faith who understand the issues at stake and are ready for action. Our political leaders in Washington need to hear from faith leaders who are on the ground and know the consequences of the decisions that politicians make for the lives of everyday people.

This resource is perfect for social action groups at your church, Sunday school, or a college classroom. Been looking for a concise and clear explanation of what’s at stake in the budget and tax debates and how it relates to faith?

Download this guide right now.

But, don’t just share this guide with those you think will agree with you. Share it with those in your life, whether Facebook friends or family you saw over Christmas, who still need convincing! This is a great place to start a civil and serious conversation about the choices that face our country and the values we want to guide it.

If you believe budgets are about more than dollars and cents but our values and priorities, then click here because this guide is for you.

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