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One Last Christmas Gift

Sojomail - December 27, 2012

One Last Christmas Gift

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The year has been a busy and chaotic one, to say the least. The nation survived not only a divisive and terribly expensive election but a string of tragic events that left us struggling for answers and hoping for new action.

Busyness can too often dictate my own life and the pace around Sojourners' offices. This is why I so appreciate this special time of Christmas (my favorite season of the year) and the holiday time around the New Year to pause, take stock of the year, and be thankful for the good gifts in my life.

One of those blessings is you.

Whether I’m in a meeting with the President or talking with an undocumented young “DREAMer,” speaking with congressional leadership or hearing the struggles of low-income families, being interviewed on TV or having my sons ask me questions about why things are so unfair for poor people, I know I’m not alone. I feel the presence of a broad and extended community with me wherever I am — we call them Sojourners. Every day there are fellow sojourners  reading our magazine and all our materials and sharing them with their churches. Others are following regularly and tell me how it keeps them going; they’re reading our God’s Politics blog posts and spreading them through their networks. Still more are sending emails or making phone calls to legislators advocating for justice. What is always most encouraging to me is to hear how hundreds of thousands of Christians, and other believers and seekers, are finding the inspiration and information in Sojourners to act in their own lives, their local communities, their nation, and the world. I am strengthened every day by the knowledge that our mission statement is being carried out by countless numbers of people — “faith in action for social justice.”

The ministry of Sojourners wouldn’t be possible without you. I know that every day and I want you to know how much I appreciate you — your faith and your commitment to acting for social justice because of this wonderful and powerful thing we remember at this amazing season — our faith.

This coming year will undoubtedly be a busy one again. We need common sense gun reform, a plan to reduce the deficit that doesn’t put the burden on struggling individuals and families, a way to finally achieve just immigration reform, courageous action on climate change, a turn away from endless wars toward creative peacemaking, and hopeful work to be done on so many other issues.

There are many ways you can join us in this mission for justice and peace. Today, I’d like to ask you to consider making a year-end donation to our work — your last Christmas gift of the season!

Every year it costs a great deal just to email the alerts that spur our supporters into action on issues like immigration reform that we could clearly see making a real difference this year.

If everyone who opened this email today was to pitch in just $5, we could cover the cost of producing and sending these emails for all of 2013.

I look forward to another year of ministry with your help and your support. Bless you and your families in these special days of time together.

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