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In Celebration of Women

Sojomail - May 10, 2012


"SNAP participation at farmers' markets helps provide fresh fruit and vegetables to families and expands the customer base for local farmers - a win-win for agriculture and local communities." - Kathleen Merrigan, deputy secretary of agriculture, on the growing number of farmers markets now able to accept food stamps. (Source: Associated Press)

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 GUEST COMMENTARY by God's Politics Editor

In Celebration of Women

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This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Here at Sojourners, we’re taking the entire week to celebrate not only mothers, but all women who have made an impact on our lives. For their strength, heroism, charity, and wisdom, we honor them.

1. We Love Our Sisters
Yesterday was “Thank-A-Nun Day”! Did you forget? Don’t worry, there’s still time to write your thank you note before we deliver them!

2. Examining the Realities of Women in the U.S.
Women are still measured differently than men. From the language used to talk about women to persisting wage inequalities, we are still a long ways from achieving equality in our society. Some members of Congress are even trying to block legislation that provides protection and support to women who have survived rape and intimate partner violence. Read about how we can combat this unfortunate reality.

3. Invest in Women
Studies show that investing in women and women’s health is foundational for overcoming poverty and advancing developing communities. Efforts to educate in the areas of women’s reproductive health—and to advocate for women on trafficking and abuse—are vital.

4. Celebrate Mother Earth
She takes care of you; show her some love and tell the EPA to regulate carbon emissions now!

5. It's Mother's Day Week
Sojourners staff and contributors have taken time to reflect on their mothers or women who have impacted them.

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Bare Feet and Dolphins: Rob Bell's Return
by Cathleen Falsani

"Because sometimes we need to drop what we're doing, step out of our routine, breathe in some fresh air, and be reminded that we signed up for a revolution," Bell says. Moving to Southern California has been "healing" for him, he says, and it would seem that's an experience he's eager to share with others. From the reaction of the intimate crowd on the first day of the conference, it appeared that many of these "professional Christians" were deeply grateful for his generosity.

'Four Dead in Ohio': Forty-Two Years Later
by Duane Shank

On May 4, 1970 the war came home. I remember the day well -- I was a first-year college student active in the anti-draft and antiwar movement. The news from Ohio was shocking and sobering, a realization that protesting government policy could be costly. 

Austerity is Losing, But What's the Alternative?
by Jack Palmer

All across the European continent (and yes, Britain too), proponents of austerity are losing the argument and facing the political consequences. It is a concept that brought many of them to power in the fallout of the debt crisis, has now become "a dirty word," and one that the 'resurgent' European Left continues to disavow.

More from Mother's Week:

Motherly-ness: Shaping a Woman's Soul
by Caryn Dahlstrand Rivadeneira

I always get nervous about how women might be made to feel like motherhood is a woman’s highest calling, and I get nervous for women who long to be mothers but who aren’t, and I don’t like how we always seem to get a “girl” sermon that day.

Mothers Day: Supporting All Women
by Julie Polter

I’m always looking for how we as individuals and a society will support the women—of any race, creed, or orientation--who have to scoop up their children and run for their lives or who feel forced to decide between enduring emotional and physical abuse and feeding their children.

Mother's Week: Standing Up For Fairness
by Stacey Schwenker

This one night I felt the softness of her skin and realized how fragile her life is. I went upstairs and began to weep. I did not know what this cancer road would lead to, but I was very afraid. When I cried out to Jesus, I found that he was weeping too.

A Gift for Mother's Day
by Duane Shank

Since its founding in 1988, Bridge of Hope has assisted 262 women and 592 children. A number of years ago, it developed a Mother’s Day solicitation of donations in honor of or in memory of, mothers. I began making a gift “in honor of” my mother and mother-in-law, now it is “in memory of” both.

Women, Storytelling, and Activism merge at MAKERS
by Joshua Witchger

MAKERS is a documentary project where dozens of short reflections and dreams are gathered to promote the ways a diverse collection of women are transforming the planet into a more holistic and habitable place. These many narratives of change and engagement craft a large and resounding story of the power of women.


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New Form of Christian Civic Engagement
USA Today
So Christians increasingly long for a substantive change in tone. This desire has led to efforts such as conservative Christian and Romney adviser Mark DeMoss' Civility Project and liberal Christian Jim Wallis' Civility Covenant, which was signed by more than 100 Christian leaders and denominational heads.

Interview with Shane Claiborne on Jesus for President
Read the Spirit
As my friend Jim Wallis says: The U.S. budget is a moral document. It shows our heart and our priorities as a people. Now, that’s close to the heartbeat of our Jesus for President campaign.

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