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To Our Supporters: Thank You

Sojomail - December 2, 2010


“I just knew that Kay Warren, Christian, had to say yes to God. From there I began to learn and study. God just broke my heart. He just wiped me out. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t cry over what I’ve learned and what I’ve seen.”

- Kay Warren, executive director of the HIV/AIDS Initiative at Saddleback Church in Southern California, on her reaction when she first read that 12 million children were orphaned in Africa due to AIDS. (Source: The Christian Post)

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Hearts & Minds by Jim Wallis

To Our Supporters: Thank You

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"I thank my God every time I think of you. In every prayer I utter, as I plead on your behalf, I rejoice at the way you have all continually helped promote the good news from the very first day."

I do give thanks every time I think of the work we are able to do together. After every speaking event we do, every conference or mobilization we convene, I am blessed when people tell me what Sojourners has meant to them. I love the feedback and emails we get after someone has seen or heard us in an interview on television or radio, and it's always the same: "I feel inspired -- to act."

Individual Christians tell me how that inspiration has guided their vocation, ministry, life choices, and family values. Churches tell me how that inspiration has led them into their communities to do acts of compassion and social justice in Jesus' name. National church leaders and local pastors have told me for three decades how Sojourners helps teach them how to fulfill the biblical mandate to be "prophetic" in their society. They tell me we have given them the courage to "stand up." And now, a new generation of Christians is coming of age and wants that same inspiration -- more than half of our audiences are under 30. I spend a good deal of my time mentoring "emerging leaders." So now we have the opportunity to help shape the faith of the next generation.

This year, I feel the hopeful expectation of Advent, but also the real stress of end-of-the-year fundraising -- the burden of all leaders of faith-based and nonprofit organizations -- trying to keep their mission alive and well, and trying to protect the lives and families of those who so tirelessly and sacrificially give themselves to that mission. But what gives me both hope and strength is hearing the countless stories of what Sojourners has meant to so many of you: how our work, day after day, and year after year, has sustained your faith and ministries over the years.

I don't want to sound like National Public Radio, but if Sojourners has informed, supported, encouraged, or inspired you, could you please, this Advent and Christmas season, give a gift back to Sojourners? I can't tell you how much, in this severely challenging economic time, your gift would mean to us and to me. As NPR would say, you could give us a gift and/or make us a pledge for the equivalent of a cup of coffee a day, or a day's wages, or a tithe, or a bequest. They say, "if you listen, help us pay for it." I say, if we help or inspire you as a Christian, help us to continue to do that for you and so many others.

I am asking for your help this Christmas. Your support, more than ever now, is what makes Sojourners able to continue to inspire. For the inspiration you have received and for the next generation: We need you now.

A personal story: Over dinner last night, Joy and I spoke to our sons Luke and Jack about the meaning of Advent as preparation for the coming of Christ. We decided as a family to go through all our stuff -- toys, clothes, and possessions -- to find the things we really don't need. Then we decided to give each other just a few nice and simple gifts instead of a pile of presents, and to focus on being as generous as we can this Christmas in giving to poor and struggling families at home and around the world, as well as to the Christian organizations who work so hard for social justice. The kids seemed quite excited about this, and Jack started going through his stuff right away.

I would suggest the same to your family. In a time when so many people and so many Christian organizations are really struggling, let's all go through the "stuff" of our lives and find ways to be even more generous to the poor and to those like Sojourners whose voice and work lifts up the biblical call to social justice -- a ministry needed now more than ever.

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Thank you,

Jim Wallis

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Building a Movement

Tell the Senate: Ratify the START Treaty Now!

This past April, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START). This treaty constitutes an agreement between both governments committing to reducing their long-range nuclear weapons arsenals by about one-third. New START is a significant step towards a world without nuclear weapons, but the Senate continues to use passage of the treaty as a political pawn.

Passing the START Treaty is important for our national safety, and is the next step on a path toward nuclear non-proliferation.

+Ask your senator to support passage of the New START -- the right step toward nuclear non-proliferation and a world that honors the dignity and human rights of all people.


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The Story of One Unemployed Man
by Valerie Elverton Dixon

When he lost his job, he also lost his health insurance. He wife works, but she works a few hours short of the 40-hours necessary to make her eligible for health benefits.
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Another Advent of 'Waiting' for Undocumented Students
by Sheldon C. Good

This Advent season, "waiting" has new meaning for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrant students.
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Justice for Farmworkers
by Chris Liu-Beers

Here in North Carolina, dangerous conditions in the fields, poverty wages, and substandard housing continue to threaten workers' health and well-being.
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The Testimony of One North Korean Girl
by Eugene Cho

I want you … in fact, I urge you … to give 10 minutes of your time: 8.41 minutes to watch the video and the remainder, 1.19 minutes, to lift a prayer for the people of North Korea -- which has been in the news a lot lately.
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When is an Incentive a Bribe? Israel, Settlements, and Fighter Jets
by Gary M. Burge

This month negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians collapsed. But the reason for the collapse wasn't something you'd expect.
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That Thieving Christ and Advent
by Nadia Bolz-Weber

In this season in which we find ourselves there is an anticipatory feeling in the air. A waiting, a longing, and yearning. This is a time filled with preparations and signs and symbols.
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Global AIDS Day and Advent
by Ruth Hawley-Lowry

On Global AIDS Day, December 1, we remember those who are affected by AIDS. Today is also the anniversary of the day that Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus.
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In Defense of Simple Food
by Claire Lorentzen

During college I lived in an all-vegetarian co-op, where I cooked every week for 55 people. After my first three-hour shift in the kitchen, it dawned on me that if I really wanted to build relationships with the people I was living with and learn how to live in community with a diverse array of personalities and values, I needed to stay in the kitchen.
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Pray for Bernard, Pray for the DREAM
by Troy Jackson

On Tuesday November 16, hundreds of Christ-followers around the nation prayed and fasted in solidarity with immigrants in the United States.
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WikiLeaks: Historian's Dream, Diplomat's Nightmare
by Duane Shank

This past Sunday and Monday the news media published their first summaries of the documents they received from WikiLeaks which contained more than 250,000 U.S. diplomatic cables.
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Korean-American Women and Ordination in the Church
by Theresa Cho

In 2004, I was the 40th Korean-American clergywomen to be ordained in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. denomination. Forty seems like such a small number when you consider that in 2011, Korean-American Clergywomen (KACW) will be celebrating their 20th anniversary.
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Come Celebrate With Us Where You Are
by Shane Claiborne and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

A few years ago, a bunch of activist-types and a bunch of prayer-warriors got together to create a prayer book with the goal of bringing together the Bible and the newspaper.
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Speak Up for Economic Sanity
by Elizabeth Palmberg

This year Congress finally passed reform that can get some of Wall Street's most damaging and harebrained schemes under control -- but only if the ground-level regulations written to implement the law aren't filled with loopholes at the behest of financial lobbyists.
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Buy Nothing Day as Advent Activism Against the Demon Mammon
by Shane Claiborne

The antics of theological stuntsters like Rev. Billy preaching about the "Shopocalypse" and casting demons out of Wal-marts don't seems so over-the-top. It does seem we are up against a demon … Mammon.
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Underwear For a Cause
by Julie Clawson

Recently I walked through downtown Austin in my underwear. Okay, so it was actually men's boxers and an undershirt, but still, technically, underwear. As I walked with a group of similarly clad friends we chanted, "We're good, we're fair, we're in our underwear."
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Thanksgiving Alone is Not Lonely
by Valerie Elverton Dixon

When I sat down to eat my late, late Thanksgiving supper, I gave thanks for my children who were healthy and well and sharing the day with family and friends.
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Why I Will Feast This Thanksgiving
by Tim King

I am ready to give thanks. Last year, I joined my family for Thanksgiving but when the food was served, I could only watch. Early in November of 2009, I had an attack of pancreatitis.
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Thank God for the Patriot Millionaires
by Jennifer Kottler

This morning I learned about a website and a letter signed by more than 3 dozen millionaires (folks who have earned over $1 million in a year either now or in the past) asking the President to allow tax cuts for people making over $1 million to expire at the end of the year.
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Undocumented Farmworkers Need Support
by Andrew Simpson

I motion that we simply stop eating fruits and vegetables. That's right: No more apples, oranges, carrots, potatoes or anything of the sort. Salad is a definite no.
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From the pulpit: Consider the true Advent
Argus Leader

Biblical scholar Walter Bruggemann says "Advent is about readiness to acknowledge, receive and participate in the revolution that clusters around Jesus. The word from the epistle of James is to have patience. That is not passivity, but it is a resolve to stay with it, to watch for the possibility, and not to settle for fatigue, resignation or cynicism." (Sojourners, December 2010)
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Why Mennonites, Catholics and Others of Faith are Speaking Up For The DREAM Act

Steve Pavey, blogging for progressive Christian organization Sojourners, shared the story of Izabella, who was brought to the U.S. from Argentina by her parents when she was nine years old: “For me, I grew up there until I was nine, but my whole personality, my whole self has grown up here," she told him.
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Concern Grows Over Wage Theft From Low-income Workers
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