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Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian

Sojomail - March 11, 2010


Weren’t both sides of the conflict totally immersed in their own tragedies, each one oblivious to, or even antagonistic toward, the narrative of the other? Isn’t this inability to imagine the lives of the ‘other’ at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

- Sari Nusseibeh, a Palestinian philosopher, in his autobiography, Once Upon a Country, writing about Israeli Jew Amos Oz's book, A Tale of Love and Darkness. Oz's book was recently translated into Arabic for the first time due to the efforts of Palestinian lawyer Elias Khoury, who lost his family's land near Nazareth to Israel, and whose father and son were killed in separate Palestinian terrorist attacks. (Source: The New York Times)

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Hearts & Minds by Jim Wallis

Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian

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Glenn Beck says Christians should leave churches that use the word “social justice.” He says social justice is a code word for communism and Nazism.

But since the Catholic Church, the Black Churches, the Mainline Protestant churches, and more and more Evangelical and Pentecostal churches including Hispanic and Asian-American congregations all consider social justice central to biblical faith, Glenn Beck is telling all those Christians to leave their churches. Of course, Christians may disagree about what social justice means in our current political context -- and that conversation is an important one -- but the Bible is clear: from the Mosaic law of Jubilee, to the Hebrew prophets, to Jesus Christ, social justice is an integral part of God’s plan for humanity.

Beck says Christians should leave their social justice churches, so I say Christians should leave Glenn Beck. I don’t know if Beck is just strange, just trying to be controversial, or just trying to make money. But in any case, what he has said attacks the very heart of our Christian faith, and Christians should no longer watch his show. His show should now be in the same category as Howard Stern. Stern practices pornography and Beck denies the central teachings of Jesus and the Bible. So Christians should stop watching the Glenn Beck show and pray for him and Howard Stern.

Beck also said that if his church was about “social justice” he would report his church to the church authorities. What authorities? Church bodies as diverse in their theology as the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Association of Evangelicals have explicitly endorsed social justice as a biblical imperative.

So here’s an idea: how about reporting ourselves to Glenn Beck as church members and pastors who practice and preach social justice.

Since Sojourners’ mission is “to articulate the biblical call to social justice,” I’ll be the first to turn myself in. And I invite you to join me in turning yourself in to Glenn Beck as a Christian who believes in social justice. Let’s send him thousands of names.

BREAKING UPDATE: Our message to Glenn Beck is getting through. This morning on his radio show Glenn responded to our challenge with further distortions of the gospel and smears against Jim Wallis. Rather than respond to personal attacks, Jim would like to invite Glenn to a conversation about whether or not social justice is, as Glenn claimed this morning, "a perversion of the gospel."

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Glenn Beck Responds: Social Justice 'Is a Perversion of the Gospel'
by Ryan Rodrick Beiler

"Where I go to church, there are members that preach social justice as members -- my faith doesn't -- but the members preach social justice all the time. It is a perversion of the gospel ... You want to help out? You help out. It changes you. That's what the gospel is all about: You."
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How Obama's Faith Council Worked: Six Points of Consensus
by Jim Wallis

As some of you may know, I served on President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships for year one of his administration. Our one-year term is almost up, and yesterday we issued our final report to key members of the administration. The council joined together across religious, political, and ideological lines and achieved a remarkable amount of consensus in six different areas on how the federal government can form better partnerships with faith-based and other nonprofit organizations.
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Two Words for Glenn Beck, Five Thoughts for the Church
by Eugene Cho

Please don't leave your churches just because they have the words "social justice" on their Web site. If you want a good reason to leave your churches: Leave if the gospel of Christ isn't being preached and lived out.
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World Vision Staff Killed in Pakistan: The Cost of Courageous Compassion
by Heather Wilson

We often read numbers of soldiers killed in combat, but do we consider the blood-price paid by aid workers, both foreign and national?
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A Torture Apologist's Flawed Theology
by John Gehring

Marc Thiessen, the second George W. Bush speechwriter contributing to the Post, is in good company with several other professional pontificators who have argued that a little roughing up of the enemy is morally justified and an effective way to gather intelligence. Recent disclosures that abusive practices went even farther than previously known should give pause to some of the most committed torture apologists.
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The Jewish Roots of Christianity
by Julie Clawson

I was intrigued recently over a story I saw on the news about a Chicago man who faces possible jail time for taking his daughter to church. Apparently in the custody settlement with his ex-wife (a Jew), Joseph Reyes (a Catholic) was barred from exposing this daughter to anything but the Jewish faith. He then very publicly took his daughter to church and is now facing potential jail time for that act.
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By Fearing Churches that Speak out for Social Justice, Glenn Beck Fears the Gospel
by Ernesto Tinajero

While others have taken him to task for denying the very gospel, I take the time to look at the word justice. I have a feeling he does not understand Justice and he fears the word "social." I wonder if he would run away from a Ice Cream Social as a closeted gathering of Marxists?
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My Morning with Daniel Berrigan
by Jennifer Svetlik

As a Sojourners intern last year, I, along with my community-mates, had the opportunity to request speakers to invite to address us during weekly seminars. Peace activist and poet Fr. Daniel Berrigan was on the top of my list.
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Racism on Campus: UC San Diego's Struggle is Every Community's Struggle
by Rachel Burton

The deeply troubling events over the last month began with a weekend off-campus themed party called the "Compton Cookout," which encouraged party-goers to come experience a night of "life in the ghetto," dress in cheap clothing, speak loudly, and start fights in "celebration" of Black History Month. Females were encouraged to come as "ghetto chicks," and the event organizers proudly promised chicken, watermelon, and Kool-Aid to its attendees.
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A Pastor's Response to Glenn Beck's Call to Leave 'Social Justice' Churches
by Michael Hidalgo

Everyone is entitled to have his or her opinion, slant, or spin on any particular office, legislation, or politician. Each person also has a right to make his or her ideology known to whoever will listen. However, when you speak as a churchgoer, and when you begin roping the Church into your rhetoric, things get a little more serious.
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Hurt Locker Can't Contain the Reality of War
by Logan Laituri

What happens when our hurt lockers aren't big enough for what we need to jam in there? We had all kinds of training in boot camp how to pack efficiently, so I know we have put everything in there that we possibly can. Maybe that explains last year's epidemic of soldier suicides that have surpassed any year we have on record. I wish it were as easy as stuffing something in a box and shoving it somewhere out of sight.
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Maybe It's Not Supposed to Feel Right
by Eugene Cho

We wanted to live faithfully, dangerously, and passionately. But what we've learned is that it's easier said than done, which is why in recent years, we found ourselves slowly gravitating towards complacency rather than the "vision, mission, passion trajectory" we had agreed on years ago.
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A Disturbing Question and a Determined Conviction on the Treatment of Women
by Ken Fong

The Disturbing Question: When some Christian groups interpret the Bible as teaching that God created women to live in a male-ruled hierarchy, that they must obediently submit to male 'heads' or risk violating a divine mandate, aren't they also contributing to the oppression of girls and women?
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International Women's Day: 'Whom God Hath Made Equal'
by Julie Clawson

Of course, just mentioning the day's existence prompts some to ask "well, why isn't there an International Men's Day?" In response I'd echo my mom's reply when on Mother's Day I would ask her "why isn't there a kid's day?" and she would say "because every other day is kid's (men's) day."
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The Police Motorcade: A Sign of Change
by Jeannie Choi

Just 45 years ago police officers in Selma, Alabama, were standing on one end of the Edmund Pettus Bridge with clubs, tear gas, and whips waiting to unleash violence on the black women and men who were marching for the right to vote. Congressman Lewis was among the activists beaten on that day, known as Bloody Sunday. Today, police officers still surround John Lewis and his fellow civil rights activists, but this time, they are not out to harm them. Instead, they protect. Motorcades follow their every move -- not to hunt, but to herald.
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The Balancing Act of a Successful Woman
by Kathy Khang

We've come a long way, but it's still not a level playing field, which is in part why the length of the skirt, firmness of the handshake, and awareness of the hair flipping matters. You may not agree with the rules, but there are rules. Changing them means knowing them first.
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What Does the Civil Rights Movement Have to Do With Me?
by Jeannie Choi

When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to move to the back of a bus in Montgomery on December 1, 1955, my parents were children growing up in South Korea. And when my parents immigrated to the United States in the mid-to-late '70s, the height of the civil rights movement had already passed.
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Committed: Family Values from Eat, Pray, Love Author Elizabeth Gilbert
by LaVonne Neff

In her current book, Committed, Elizabeth marries Felipe. This is not a spoiler: the cover gives away the ending. The interest lies in how she gets there -- kicking and screaming, apparently, but also interviewing everyone she meets as she travels in Southeast Asia; reading up on the history, sociology, and maintenance of marriage; and interweaving her studies with her own adventures and roller-coaster emotions.
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My Alter Ego
by Angela Batie

Sometimes, out in the world, I just want to be Angela the person, not Angela the minister. I don't quite understand it, because I love the work I do and am thankful every day for the privilege of working with students and sharing the Good News. But when I'm not at work, somehow there is a resistance to confessing this part of my identity.
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Why did God Create Women?
by Mimi Haddad

The quality of Eve's help is never that of an inferior or subordinate. Eve by definition was created to lend a vital form of power.
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