The Common Good

For young evangelicals, ears open for a candidate

Date: March 5, 2012


A significant slice of young evangelical voters, it turns out, is politically adrift.
This may not matter much for the current Republican primary election (young people tend not to vote in primaries) but there are much broader implications, for the 2012 election and the GOP’s future, that I try to tease out in my latest piece.
For his generation, (Tim) King said abortion matters but the concern for children now includes issues such as child trafficking, mercury levels that affect fetuses, the spread of AIDS and clean water access.
These problems may rope in some big political solutions: social safety nets, churches doing more and a focus on a person’s individual behavior.
“They just say, ‘Yeah. It’s all of those things,’ ” King said.
Notice the mix of traditional political answers there, from both sides of the aisle.