The Common Good

Why all the shouting?

Date: May 6, 2012


We are headed into our next presidential election. I hope I am wrong but I am anticipating this to be a very ugly brawl. My guess is that both President Obama and Governor Romney are going to paint each other with a broad brush, that they will quote each other out of context, they won't lie but they will not tell the whole story, and they will give us the impression that if you really care about America your choice is clear. Well, things are rarely clear there are many ways to understand and address an issue. We face many challenging and complex issues and I want the candidates for president to reflect that challenge and complexity by seriously defining and articulating their views and not to shout at each other. I am tired of all the shouting in our society. There are very few moderate voices these days. I am to the point where it doesn't matter if I agree with your position or not, if you are going to "SHOUT AT ME OR OTHERS" or be "RIGHTEOUSLY RIGHT" I will be hesitant to get on board.
Here are some values that I think we should lift up as followers of Christ. I have adapted these from the Sojourners Community Covenant.