The Common Good

What Do Religious Leaders Want For Obama's Next Four Years?

Date: November 8, 2012

This election is the first step in what we are hoping will be a strong U.S. commitment to ending hunger -- both domestically and globally. For more than a year, Christian leaders have come together to advocate for the formation of a "Circle of Protection" around funding for programs that are vital to hungry and poor people. As people of faith, it is now our responsibility to hold our newly elected president accountable for taking a stance against hunger and poverty.

There is more than enough food to feed the more than 7 billion people around the world, yet hunger and poverty persist on a large scale, even in the United States. Finding solutions to these issues will require the dedication of all leaders -- whether they be Republicans or Democrats. As the new president takes his oath of office, we want him to lead the way in ending hunger at home and abroad. During his four-year term, we expect the president to set a goal to end hunger while ensuring that we do not balance the federal budget on the backs of hungry and poor people.