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C-SPAN2: Book TV 02/10/2008
Jim Wallis, the founder of Sojourners magazine and author of "The Great Awakening: Reviving Faith & Politics in a Post-Religious Right America," participates in a panel discussion titled: "Choosing a President: What do Evangelicals Want?"
PBS 02/08/2008
Sojourners magazine's Jim Wallis says this week's primary vote results suggest the U.S. is on the brink of "a great awakening."
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart 01/22/2008
Jim talks about the new movements in faith and politics described in his latest book, The Great Awakening.
Sojourners 01/22/2008
Jim Wallis talks about his latest book, "The Great Awakening", and why he wrote it.
Sojourners 12/20/2007
Bill Talen (Rev. Billy) Speaks to SOJOURNERS about his latest film, "What Would Jesus Buy"
Sojourners 11/19/2007
Thousands gathered at the gates of Fort Benning, Georgia for the Vigil and the Nonviolent Direct Action to Close the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC) and to end the racist system of violence and domination that the SOA represents. Sojourners interns gathered footage and interviews.
Sojourners 11/14/2007
Rev. Jim Wallis and other key faith leaders call for compassionate dialogue on immigration before the Thanksgiving holiday.
Sojourners 10/19/2007
Jim Wallis debates Richard Land, of the Southern Baptist Convention, at the 'Values Voters' Conference hosted by the FRC.
CBS 10/18/2007
Jim Wallis speaks with Katie Couric about the widening political agenda of Evangelicals.
Sojourners 10/02/2007
Jim Wallis speaks about the SCHIP veto at a press conference on Capital Hill.
CNN 05/15/2007
Jim Wallis announces the June 4, 2007 candidates forum on faith, values, and poverty on The Larry King Live show on CNN. The forum hosted Clinton, Edwards, and Obama and was broadcast on CNN.
MSNBC 02/19/2007
Jim Wallis comments on how moral values and candidates' faith backgrounds will play a role in the presidential election.
Sojourners 01/11/2007
New Orleans photo essays of survival and the hope found in faith and solidarity.
CNN 12/13/2006
Jim Wallis speaks on the new moral center of American politics and how people of faith are uniting around the crisis of poverty.
Fox News 12/02/2006
Jim Wallis speaks on Heartland with John Kasich about the nation's hunger for a greater moral leadership to address the pressing social issues of the day, including poverty, the war in Iraq, and ethics in government.
Sojourners 08/07/2006
A year after the storm, residents of the Gulf Coast continue the struggle to rebuild their lives.
Sojourners 12/14/2005
See video and photos of 115 faith leaders and activists as they're arrested protesting a morally bankrupt budget.
Fox News 11/03/2005
Jim Wallis dicusses his book "The Call to Conversion: Why Faith is Always Personal, but Never Private" with FOX's Bill O'Reilly.
Comedy Central 01/18/2005
Jim joins Jon in the tradition of Hebrew prophets who use humor and truth-telling to make their point.
Sojourners 06/16/2004
The popular evangelical author discusses America, Gandhi, sex, and death.