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ABC News 08/28/2008
The Reverend and political activist talks to Father Beck at the DNC. 08/26/2008
Jim Wallis, founder and editor of "Sojourners" magazine talks with Live's Reggie Aqui about religion, politics at the Democratic National Convention.
ABC - World News Tonight 08/10/2008
Obama and McCain vie for the evangelical vote. Sojourners' organizer Aaron Graham explains issues are important to him.
Democracy Now! TV 07/14/2008
On May 12th, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested nearly 400 workers at a meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa in the largest immigration raid in US history. Many were sent to prison. Amy Goodman speak with Erik Camayd-Freixas, a professor and Spanish-language court interpreter who was flown into Iowa for the trial. They also play a clip from the CCIR Postville video.
Democracy Now! TV 07/02/2008
Jim Wallis discusses Obama's faith based initiative with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!
ABC 06/24/2008
Jim Wallis responds to Dobson's attack on Obama's faith on World News Tonight with Charles Gibson.
Christian Broadcasting Network 06/24/2008
Focus on the Family's James Dobson leveled the complaints against the presumptive Presidential nominee Tuesday on his show.
American News Project 06/06/2008
How solidly Republican will Christian evangelicals be in 2008? As the country enters the next phase in this historic election season, concern about the state of God's earth may be the issue that draws many believers into the Democratic camp. Jim Wallis is interviewed about evangelicals' responsibility for the environment in this American News Project video.
Fearing the return of I.C.E agents, hundreds of Christian Immigrants wait at St. Bridget's Catholic Chuch in Postville, Iowa for any word on their missing family members.
Sojourners 04/17/2008
350 leaders under the age of 30 met at Sojourner's Justice Revival in Columbus, Ohio to discuss social justice and activism. Shane Claiborne, of The Simple Way, spoke to the young leaders.
Sojourners 04/16/2008
Highlights from the first night of the Columbus Justice Revival.
CNN 04/02/2008
Jim Wallis and the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins talk about evangelical attitudes in the election on CNN’s Situation Room.
Sojourners 03/28/2008
Watch the promotional video for the Columbus Justice Revivals, a three night revival event in Columbus, Ohio from April 16-18, 2008. Make poverty history with local Columbus churches and Sojourners.
The Great Awakening Book tour 03/19/2008
Jim Wallis and President Carter discuss race and politics at the Carter Library in Atlanta, GA.
The Great Awakening Book tour 03/19/2008
Jim Wallis and President Carter discuss faith and politics at the Carter Library in Atlanta, GA.
CNN 03/18/2008
Jim Wallis discusses Obama's race speech on Anderson Cooper 360.
CBS 03/18/2008
Jim Wallis participates in a CBS Evening News panel discussion about Obama's historic race speech.
CNN 03/18/2008
Jim Wallis discusses Barack Obama's historic speech on race with Larry Elder and Wolf Blizter on The Situation Room.
CNN 02/26/2008
Jim Wallis comments on the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey released 2/25/08, focusing on the growing evangelical movement.
WGBH 02/11/2008
Jim Wallis discusses the end of the religious right's dominance in American politics and looks forward to new roles for faith in American society.