The Common Good

Video Press 07/08/2010
Rev. Wallis spoke with CNN's Brooke Baldwin along the Gulf Coast.
MSNBC 05/21/2010
Rev. Wallis was a guest on Hardball with Chris Matthews to discuss the oil spill in the Gulf and Glenn Beck's recent attacks.
Christian Broadcasting Network 04/30/2010
Rev. Wallis and Bishop E.W. Jackson gave their different thoughts of the Arizona immigration law.
MSNBC 04/26/2010
Rev. Wallis discusses Arizona anti-immigrant law on The Ed Show.
MSNBC 04/21/2010
Rev. Wallis discusses Arizona anti-immigrant bill on The Ed Show. 04/20/2010
Rev. Wallis discusses Arizona's anti-immigrant law on Rick's List on CNN.
On Faith 04/15/2010
On Faith editor Sally Quinn interviews Jim Wallis on Glenn Beck's criticism of social justice.
The Brody File 03/23/2010
Rev. Wallis spoke to The Brody File about Glenn Beck's comments on "social justice."
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly 03/22/2010
Rev. Jennifer Kottler interviewed as tens of thousands marched for comprehensive immigration reform on the National Mall.
The Brody File 03/15/2010
Rev. Wallis spoke to The Brody File about Glenn Beck's comments on "social justice."
MSNBC 03/12/2010
Rev. Wallis was interviewed on Countdown with Keith Olbermann about Glenn Beck's comments regarding social justice.
ABC - World News Tonight 03/12/2010
Rev. Wallis interviewed on ABC's World News Tonight about Glenn Beck's comments about social justice.
Religion and Ethics Newsweekly 03/10/2010
On March 9, Obama's Faith Council presented its final report, including more than 60 policy recommendations, to the president and senior administration officials.
The Brody File 03/10/2010
The White House Faith Council delivered dozens of policy recommendations to senior administration officials Tuesday.
Harvard University Institute of Politics 03/03/2010
Rev. Wallis speaks about the new economy on a panel at the Harvard University Institute of Politics. 02/17/2010
In his new book "Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street" author Jim Wallis focuses on the ethics and personal values in business.
Rick's List blog 02/05/2010
Jim Wallis talks with Rick Sanchez on CNN's "Rick's List."
NBC Philadelphia 02/03/2010
Rev. Wallis talks to Lori Wilson on the 10! Show.
My FOX Philly 02/03/2010
Rev. Wallis told Mike on Good Day Philadelphia, “Let’s get back to older virtues."
World Economic Forum 01/27/2010
Rethinking Values in the Post-Crisis World: Yvan Allaire, Thomas H. Glocer, Yasuchika Hasegawa, Hartmut Ostrowski, Jim Wallis, Muhammad Yunus, James H. Quigley