The Common Good

The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin Continues

By: EJ
Source: New Society
Date: July 22, 2013
As thousands take to the street this week to protest George Zimmerman's acquittal, several leading thinkers are speaking out on their blogs.  Jim Wallis, president of Sojourners magazine, wrote Lament from a  White Father on Tuesday July 16th.

"It was a political, legal, and moral mistake to not put race at the center of this trial because it was at the center from the beginning of this terrible case. Many are now saying, “There was a trial; the results must be accepted.” How well the case against George Zimmerman was prosecuted, how fair the tactics of the defense were, the size and selection of the jury, how narrowly their instructions were given — all will be the subject of legal discussions for a very long time.

But while the legal verdicts of this trial must be accepted, the larger social meaning of court cases and verdicts must be dealt with, especially as they impact the moral quality of our society.

This is not just about verdicts but also about values. 

And the impact of race in and on this case, this trial, and the response to it around the country must now all be centrally addressed."