The Common Good

Tony Campolo Hits Hard On Hot Button Issues

Date: December 17, 2013

Tony Campolo might rightly be described as one of the founding fathers of the modern day “Christian left.” An ordained baptist minister and son of a union organizer, Campolo gained prominence as a spiritual advisor to President Bill Clinton. He’s the founder of the Evangelical Organization for the Promotion of Education and the namesake for Eastern University’s Campolo School for Social Change. Progressive evangelical Jim Wallis calls Campolo his “favorite evangelist.”

There is great need for there to be a progressive evangelical think-tank. It’s been talked about but has never happened. The religious right has huge economic resources and can set up think-tanks, like the Heritage Foundation, that can bolster the debating qualities of those who have to do these kinds of confrontations on social issues like war and welfare reform and things like that. I think the best-informed person we have going for us is Jim Wallace (sic). But we’re not as well-informed as we ought to be.